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How to issue an invitation?

If your foreign friend or girlfriend wanted to visit Russia, you will be required to process all the necessary documents for their stay in our country. Now we will tell you about how to issue an invitation to Russia, give basic information and tell you about some subtleties so that they do not come as a surprise to you.

How to issue an invitation to a foreigner?

If you think that the design of the invitation is simple and quick, then this is not entirely true. Of course, if you have a lot of free time, you may manage to manage in ... a month (that’s what you’ll have to wait for when you give out the documents), but if you’re a working person, you’ll have to spend all two, especially considering that we have holidays and other days off. In fact, everything is not so bad - it’s enough not to make some mistakes, so as not to go to OVIR (Visa and Registration) two or three, or even four or more times. Before you issue an invitation, more precisely, to begin this difficult process, going to the OVIR for its registration, it is better to prepare a package of documents in advance.To invite a private person, you will need the following documents:

  • Receipt of payment of state duty for the invitation;
  • A photocopy of the passport of the invited person;
  • Application for the invitation;
  • A photocopy of your passport (or the one who invites, if it is not you);
  • Information about your income (or the applicant's income, if it is not you) - here you will also find an extract from the bank about the state of the account, including the passbook;
  • even card of the invited foreigner;
  • Your record card or the card of the one who invites, if this is another person;
  • The guarantee of the inviting person (in the application form).

This is a necessary minimum of documents - let's say, a standard package for issuing an invitation to an individual. In order not to take other documents or not to issue extra ones, do not be lazy and call OVIR for more information or, if necessary, take a personal tour there and get all the necessary information from OVIR employees (do not hesitate to go through the queue, otherwise spend a whole day).

We make out the documents

First of all, you will need sample applications and registration cards.They can be asked directly in OVIR, but sometimes it happens that you have to apply for this to any company. What exactly, the staff of OVIR prompt. The practice is rather strange, and a normal person will immediately have a question: why is this so? Really, where they draw up invitations, they cannot give samples? Imagine not always. In order to properly execute the documents, you will need to provide a lot of information about yourself. So be prepared and take with you information about the place of work and, of course, passport data. And one more thing: get ready for the fact that they will charge you the appropriate amount for the samples in the company - they will most likely not give them to you, but they will help you arrange it correctly (more precisely, it’s probably the right thing).

How to issue an invitation - translations

Having obtained the necessary samples and having filled out all the appropriate way, having paid the state duty, we proceed to the next step. It is necessary to translate the documents of your overseas friend, for which you will need to contact the translation bureau, but not to any, but only to the one that has the right to do this, the staff of OVIR may or may prompt.Then all translations and other documents will need to be notarized, therefore prepare the money again. Having completed, finally, all the required formalities, we again get to OVIR to give the entire package for registration.

OVIR again

Immediately I would like to warn those who are going to make registration at the weekend. On Sundays in OVIRs there is a day off, and on Saturdays they work until lunch, so it would be best to take a couple of days off if you have a five-day session, and if there is such an opportunity. Once you’ve got an OVIR employee with documents for an appointment, be prepared for the fact that he can detect mistakes or shortcomings (essentially the same mistakes) in the paperwork.

Something from which all still try to save you. Firstly, do not put a date in the statement-guarantee - you can always put it down when you are asked about it, or the OVIR employees themselves will do it. Secondly, you should have an amount in excess of the amount specified in the requirements. How much is another question, but for your own peace of mind it is better to put in the bank two times more than is required (this is important for countries that belong to countries with an increased risk of migration).Finally, thirdly, do not forget to assure at work the application for the invitation, or you may simply not accept it. In addition, please note that the signature of your superiors must be accompanied by a full transcript of the name, position and name of the organization, and the stamp of the organization must be placed strictly under the information about the last place of work. But that’s not all - don’t be in a hurry to sign documents in advance, as OVIR employees sometimes demand that the painting be done in their presence. Finally, when everything is properly arranged and handed over, you will only have to wait 30 days and send your invitation to a foreign friend so that he can begin the process of obtaining a visa. Of course, the requirements for how to issue an invitation to a foreign citizen are similar to bullying, but take it easier and everything will work out. Good luck to you!


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