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How to issue an accident?

Accident, regardless of its severity, is unpleasant in itself. And it is much more unpleasant if you receive a refusal to pay from an insurance company, due to incorrect or incomplete documents about a traffic accident. And in such a situation it is absolutely unimportant who these documents were filled in: by the traffic police or motorists. In order to avoid disagreements with insurers, you need to know how to issue an accident.

Proper execution of documents on accidents is possible without the presence of specially authorized bodies. It is not a secret that the simplified system for resolving such situations has many positive points: saving time, both for issuing all the necessary certificates, and waiting for special staff or for being in the review team.

We make an accident

How to issue an accident and what to consider? You can issue documents about the accident without the presence of traffic police officers, but it is obligatory to observe the following circumstances:

  • Only property was damaged by a traffic accident;
  • Participation in the accident only two vehicles;
  • Availability of civil liability insurance of car owners in accordance with Federal Law (“Compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners”);
  • All circumstances: the list and the nature of the damage to the car must be recorded in the notices of the accident (the forms of such notices are filled in by the drivers of the vehicles), as well as all the circumstances of the injury.

The traffic accident notice form must be filled by the drivers of both cars and they must certify with their signatures the scheme of the accident and the circumstances of the injury, as well as indicate the nature and list of existing (visible) damage. Further, this completed form, to which the statement of the victim is added so that the amount of loss to be recovered is determined, all of this is sent to the insurance company where the person responsible for the accident has been insured. Contacting both insurance companies is strictly prohibited!

It is important to remember and understand, before issuing an accident without a traffic police, that the insurance company checks all documents much stricter,as well as closely examining the circumstances of the incident and how correctly issued a notice of a traffic accident.

If you know how to issue an accident without traffic police, then you should be confident in the authenticity of all documents of the second participant in the accident, as well as in the correctness of their registration: the documents must be valid both in the validity period and in terms of insurance. The driver must be entered into this policy, and the money under the policy must be in the company-insurer. Do not forget to check the presence of a certificate of registration, right and passport.

It is important not to forget about the most important and weighty document in order to avoid trips through the courts - the traffic police certificate, which confirms the fact of the accident. In the event of discrepancies in the nature and list of damage to vehicles, as well as in causing damage to property as a result of a traffic accident, a document must be compiled without fail in the presence of the relevant authorities.

Documents in case of accident

Let's see what documents are drawn up at the scene of a traffic accident.It does not matter whether you prepare them yourself or the police officers are doing this, in any case you need to know the whole list of documents issued during an accident so that you can save time and nerves.

A police officer, after drawing up the protocol, is obliged to give you a copy of it on your receipt. The same copy may be requested by the affected person. In case of an accident that caused severe consequences: large material damage, the presence of severe and moderate severity injuries, death of people, the following documents should be drawn up:

  • inspection report, as well as checking the technical condition of the vehicle;
  • information about the accident;
  • an explanation of the drivers of cars that are involved in the accident, as well as eyewitness accounts of the accident;
  • an act of medical examination of alcohol or drug intoxication of participants in the accident;
  • Moreover, on-site you need to issue a certificate for the insurance company of the form №31 and №12. It can also be form number 11, but often, it does not indicate the guilty side.

All these documents, except for eyewitness accounts of the accident and explanations of other participants, must be executed in the presence of the driver himself, as well as with his direct participation!


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