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How to insert a formula in Word?

Dmitry Chepcheruk
Dmitry Chepcheruk
August 14, 2012
How to insert a formula in Word?

Often there is a need to work with formulas, and then the question arises how to insert the formula in Word. To work with this object, Word has a special program called the Formula Editor. It is a stripped-down version of the well-known program “Math Type” and works with formulas not as with pictures, but as with text, which greatly simplifies their waters and editing.

So, tell you how to insert a Word 2003 formula and how to edit it if necessary. First of all, we need to understand the location of this function. In order to add a new formula, you need to find the "Insert" button on the top panel, by clicking on it, you will see a list, find the "Object" button among others. A window opens with the name "Insert object", in it you will see a list of objects that can be inserted into your document. Among others, we are interested in Microsoft Equation, find the button with this name and click. A window will open in your document for entering the formula and a sign with symbols and signs.Carefully study it, it contains all the necessary elements to create formulas.

In Word 2007, how to insert a formula is not fundamentally different from the previous version. It is also equipped with Equation 3.0. To insert a formula, also find the “Insert” button on the tab, then “Symbols”, select the “Equations” item and click on the “Insert new equation” item.

In Word 2010, how to insert a formula is not difficult to answer, this version, like the previous ones, is equipped with Equation 3.0. To find formulas, you need to go through the following way: “Insert” on the tab bar, then “Symbols” and the “Formula” button. Now you need to choose the right formula.


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