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How to hold the wires

You will need
  • - pliers;
  • - rubber ring;
  • - vice;
  • - clothespin;
  • - clip like "crocodile".
In the absence of a special clamping device, use ordinary pliers or pliers, adhesive tape (tape) or a rubber ring. Place the wires to be connected between the jaws of the instrument and fix them by pressing the handles. Now, be careful not to dislodge the wires, put a narrow rubber ring on the ends of the pliers arms or tape the handles around the handles. In this position, the tool will securely hold the connected wires, while the hands will be free.
Upgrade the method described above, having previously clamped the lower handle of the pliers in the bench vise. After fixing the wires between the jaws of the tool, put the rubber ring on the handles so that it tightly presses the jaws together. With this scheme, the wires will be securely fixed in one place, which will make subsequent soldering more convenient.
If you need to connect soldering wires with a small cross section, clamp their tips with ordinary clothespins.To fix the entire clamping unit in one place, pre-attach the clothespin with one plane to the desktop using double-sided tape. In the described manner, it is possible to clamp both thin wires and the leads of the radio components attached to each other.
Use a device called a crocodile to clamp larger wires. It is an indispensable tool for performing a variety of electrical work. With the help of a crocodile, you can provide a temporary connection of contacts and terminals, cable crimping, and so on.
Open the “crocodile”, holding the insulated handles, and then place the wires that you want to clamp between its curly “jaws”. Some models of "crocodiles" have a convenient outlet for connecting the plug, which allows testing the electrical circuit without resorting to soldering.

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