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How to hold a wedding?

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How to hold a wedding?

Wedding is one of the most important days in the life of a couple in love, who decided to legitimize their relationship and create a strong family. Such an event must leave in memory only the warmest and pleasant memories. Many put all the trouble of organizing a solemn event on the shoulders of professionals, but it is not a secret to anyone that such services today are expensive.

Recently, the trend of weddings without a toast-master has become popular. How to hold a wedding by yourself, having arranged an unforgettable evening both for yourself and for the guests?

Wedding without toastmaster

If you decide not to resort to the help of professional leaders and organizers, then you will involuntarily be faced with a lot of questions: where to hold a wedding? What to do with the musicians? How to spend a feast?

During the solemn event, you will not be able to entertain guests on their own, so this duty will fall directly on the shoulders of witnesses. Fromweddinghow active your friends will be is the success of the upcoming evening.

Discuss in advance with the witnesses all the nuances.Decide on music and entertainment contests. For the evening, it will be enough to invite one DJ, having previously discussed with him which songs you would like to hear during the holiday. If you wish, you can invite a musical ensemble - live music will help create a festive atmosphere.

Be sure to plan a seating arrangement for guests. Warn friends about the features of some of them. It is possible that someone from the family reacts painfully to jokes or becomes aggressive after alcohol.

Wedding script without toastmaster

The disadvantage of the traditional wedding program is the lack of uniqueness. Almost all wedding scenarios are like two drops of water similar to each other. If you decide to organize a wedding party on your own, you probably would like to arrange a special holiday.

Themed wedding is a great way to make the evening original. Such a wedding involves an unusual program with a specific thematic focus. AtWeddingthe organization of such a festive evening is important to think about all the details. If you decide to arrange a wedding, for example, in the style of the 50s, it is better to think in advance attire not only for the newlyweds, but also for witnesses and bridesmaids.Guests can be offered to support the general idea and put on dresses and costumes that match the theme of the evening. You can also pick up old musical compositions and arrange the hall in the appropriate style.

Sunny wedding

A themed wedding does not necessarily have to be associated with any particular topic. A sunny wedding involves the design of a restaurant in sunny yellow tones, cheerful yellow dresses at the bridesmaids, and maybe even a gallant yellow bow tie with the groom. If you prefer, you can even rent yellow cars and order a lemon-colored wedding cake. The end of the fun holiday can be marked by the launch of the yellow sky lanterns.

Romantic Beach Wedding

If your city has a river or a lake, you can organize a stunning evening in an open-air café located on the beach. You can also hold a solemnWeddingmarriage registration ceremony. Having decorated the watery surface with delicate flower compositions, rose petals and candles, you will create a very touching and romantic atmosphere.

Ukrainian wedding

Traditional Ukrainian wedding involves not only outfits styled as Ukrainian folk costumes, but also an abundance of fun and fiery contests, runaway dances and loud songs.Instead of a limousine, young people come to the restaurant in an elegant open wagon drawn by a troika with bells. Thoughtfully hearty holiday menu and fun music.

How to hold contests

A few fun contests for the entertainment part of the evening will be quite enough. You can arrange a traditional collection of funds in favor of the future daughter or son of the newlyweds.

To organize a win-win wedding lottery, witnesses and young people should be prepared in advance. First you need to make a list of questions and answers to them. For example: “Favorite film of the groom?” Or “When did the groom meet the bride?”Weddingor “Where did the bridegroom make an offer to the bride?” etc. Correctly answering questions, guests will receive improvised lottery tickets. After the questions are finished, the witness or friend who will play the role of the lead lottery will read the ticket numbers in order and give the winners comic prizes in the form of chocolates, ballpoint pens, balloons and other trifles.

For any selected wedding scenario, it is better to arrange the congratulatory part at the beginning of the evening.After the guests sit back in their places and have a little breath after the marriage ceremony, it is worth giving the floor to the parents of the bride and groom. Fun contests and quizzes can be arranged after the invitees refresh themselves with snacks, and dances after hot meals.

Wedding - a magical holiday, the memory of which will remain in the hearts of lovers for life. Therefore, it is especially pleasant to think through all the details and plan the celebration exactly as you saw it in your dreams.


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