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How to heal a cut

So, what to do if you could not avoid a cut. To begin, treat the site of damage with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. This will prevent the formation of pus, because Foam is able to remove small grains of sand and dirt from a wound.
Give up green stuff or iodine. Their use only causes the clotting of protein in the tissue, which prevents healing. Apply 5 percent iodine tincture to the skin around the cut. You can change this tool for alcohol. In the following days, try not to wet the cut, because this can lead to infection. Wait until the fibrin forms a protective crust. In order to speed up the process and protect the wound, use a bactericidal patch. Do not forget to change it from time to time.
Surely, many noticed that children are pulling a bruised place in the mouth. Animals do the same - they just lick their wounds. And this is no accident. The fact is that the salivary glands contain epidermal growth factor or EGF. It is a protein that is secreted daily in the mucous membrane of your digestive system. An example is the story of hot tea.
Most people drink more than one cup of boiling water per day. However, no health problems are observed. At the same time, coffee spilled on your hand or foot will remind you of yourself for a long time. The solution to this puzzle is quite simple - the content of EGF in the mucous membrane of the digestive system is so great that a person does not have any unpleasant sensations.
All this led scientists to the idea of ​​creating a special medicine based on the epidermal growth factor.

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