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How to hang curtains?

Finishing repairs, many are faced with the question: how to hang curtains? After all, they are able to give your interior a personality and a finished look. To do this, there are lots of ways. Let's look at some of them.

How to hang curtains

To hang the curtains, you can use the following techniques:

  • Metal grommets or rings. The rings are sewn into the upper part of the curtain, and then the eaves are threaded through them. Usually used for curtains of heavy fabrics.
  • Straps or loops. Apply to different types of fabrics. They are easily put on the eaves and at the same time do not need additional drapery. Ties - another version of the loop.
  • Special curtain tape. Sew on fabric. With it, the fabric can be collected in spectacular folds. In this case, the width of the fabric used should be significantly longer than the width of the finished curtain.
  • Clips. The traditional method of fastening curtains. They are made of various materials, has a variety of shapes and styles.
  • Seam "rocker". With it, the curtain can be easily stretched or gathered into folds.For a more spectacular view, the width of the curtain should be large enough.

How to hang roller blinds

Rolled curtains are the cloth twisted on a shaft. You can hang such curtains in the window itself and above it, and even attaching it to the ceiling. For fixing roller blinds you will need: a screwdriver, drill, screws, dowels, tape measure and level. Step-by-step instruction:

  • We determine where we will hang the curtain: inside the window, on its doors or outside of its openings. We make corresponding measurements. If the curtain is decided to be placed on the window sash, then the width of the leaf should be equal to the width of the glass + 3 cm. If outside the window opening, the width of the canvas should be equal to the width of the opening + 10 cm. width of the window opening minus 4 cm.
  • Fasten the tube on which the roller blind is wound. If the curtain width is more than 1.5m., Install an additional mount.
  • Cloth fastened to the tube using double-sided tape. Fix the tube in the mount. Next, unwind our curtain, leaving a little on the tube. On the mechanism we put on the control circuit. The chain lock must rest against the swivel mechanism.We put on plugs and fasten the curtain on the brackets.

How to hang roman blinds

Roman shade fasten in two ways: mounted in the doorway, (only for this, it must be perfectly smooth, especially vertically). Do not forget to pay attention to the design of the window. If the upper transom is absent, and the window opens along the entire height, then in this case the Roman curtain will become a hindrance. In this case, it is better to prefer an outdoor mount. With it, you can also hide the curvature of the window and construction defects. Pay attention to the window sill. If it is installed correctly (takeaway 5 cm. On each side), then the width of the drapery is equal to the width of the window sill. If not, then the Roman blind must be 10-20 cm longer than the width of the window opening.


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