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How to grow peanuts?

Peanut - so called peanuts, the fruits of which develop and ripen in the soil. It is possible to grow this annual legume plant not only in the open field, but also at home in an ordinary flower pot. Get your harvest after 4 months, the following tips will help. How to grow peanuts? We read detailed instructions.

Landing instructions

  • Step 1. When selecting seeds, choose intact, healthy-looking and roasted nuts. Before planting, you can germinate the seed in a damp cloth, so it will pick up moisture and soon germinate. If you stick a dry seed into dry ground, it must then be carefully shed. Ground for peanuts is needed light, to increase the porosity, you can add a little river sand or peat to the soil. The container should be wide enough and deep enough for the development of the root system (at least 30 cm in diameter and more than 40 cm in depth).
  • Step 2. How to plant peanuts? Since peanuts are quite an exotic plant, it needs to create appropriate conditions. The plant is thermophilic and does not like drafts. The optimum temperature for germination is 25 ° C.After germination, it can be lowered, but not allowed to drop the temperature below 18 ° C. Peanuts are sensitive to light deficiencies, try to choose a bright place. The land in the pot should be constantly moistened, as the plant does not tolerate drying out.
  • Step 3. The height of the formed plant is 30-40 cm. This small bush is covered with fragrant bright yellow flowers that live for one day. During this time, the pollen has time to ripen, and the petals of the self-pollinated flower fall. The resulting ovaries begin to lengthen and tend to the ground. Penetrating into the soil, approximately 6 cm, the young fetus assumes a horizontal position. Then, in the ground, the process of forming a bean consisting of 1-5 nuts occurs. In length, a peanut pod can reach 2-6 cm. It is very important to monitor the plant at this moment, it may need help when it enters the soil. When the ovary reaches the ground, they can be a bit powdered. At this stage, it is necessary to reduce the watering of the plant and constantly wait for the ripening of the fruit. The fact that the process of ripening is completed can be seen on the yellowing leaves. This moment will have to wait approximately 200 days.
  • Step 4.After removing the peanut bush from the ground, separate the beans from the branches and dry them to prevent mold. Before using, the pods with nuts can be dried for 20 minutes in an oven at 120 ° C.

Peanut Health

Above it was considered how to plant peanuts, now let's talk about the importance of caring for them. Growing is not as difficult as keeping. Peanut bush must be systematically reviewed, as the emergence of a spider mite is possible. The pest is quite small, and it is necessary to get rid of the affected leaves. If a tick is detected, repeatedly treat the plant with a solution of potassium permanganate or laundry soap, after cutting the diseased leaves. The appearance of this disease can be prevented. To do this, often spray your plant with cold water. And everything will be fine. This is how you can just grow peanuts at home, without much effort, as if it were a houseplant.


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