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How to grow organic vegetables

Seeds use only those that are tested and not processed by various chemical compounds that supposedly protect plants from diseases. Before sowing, hold the seeds in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 4-6 hours. Lightly dry and start planting.
If you do not plant hybrids, you can get seeds from overripe fruits. Specially choose the largest vegetables and leave them on the garden a little longer. Then, a couple of days, hold the house in a dark room and remove the seeds. Wash and dry, fold into paper envelopes.
The soil is also important, because some mineral supplements contain harmful ingredients. This is especially true of growth stimulants. In the ground make humus, matted foliage, sand, sawdust and then carefully dig everything. During the summer, water the beds with a mullein: about 1 kg of manure per 10-15 liters of water. If you do not want to use natural fertilizers, use urea or Andrianych. They contain only mineral components that are completely safe for health.
Do not use pest control chemicals that are abundant in gardening stores. Urea solution will help you from aphids and egg laying: 2 g per liter of water. Treat with a spray bottle. Leaves of plants several times over the summer sprinkled with ash or crushed chalk. Colorado beetles robbed by hand. This is the only way to protect your planting from the negative effects of pesticides.
If you follow these rules, your vegetables will have a minimum of harmful substances. Of course, ecology also plays a big role, but nevertheless, carcinogens from the environment come to fruition in such doses that cannot poison a person or cause serious harm to health.


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