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How to grow onions on the windowsill?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
December 19, 2014
How to grow onions on the windowsill?

In winter and early spring, everyone needs vitamins, and the content of nutrients in green onions is even higher than, for example, in the bulb.

From our article you will learn how to grow onions in the winter, because in summer it will grow almost by itself.

How to grow onions in winter

In order to grow green onions, the temperature in the room or on the balcony should not be below +10 degrees. And in order to harvest a little, but every day, it is better to plant a head of onions in a pot with earth. It is also possible to grow onions on the windowsill by planting them in a cardboard liter bag (from juice or milk) with the ground.

Remember that the layer of earth should be about 10 cm and above. Do not bury the bulb too deeply, and so that it does not start to rot, make a hole at the bottom of the box or pot to allow moisture to escape.

If you want to get a good harvest of green onions, you should choose any soil other than clay. You will not need fertilizers, as onions are rather unpretentious.You can also plant onions in sawdust or just in water, but under such conditions one should not expect good results.

In order for onions to grow faster, before planting, you can soak the bulb in warm water (about 40 degrees). And also plant the bulbs at a distance of no more than 2 cm from each other or close. After planting the onions, pour it abundantly so that the soil becomes wet enough, then water it as needed.

And finally, another tip: put the pots of onions in well-lit places - for example, grow onions on a window sill - or set artificial lighting, for example, a 20-watt lamp. Under these conditions, your bow will always be green.


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