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How to grow a garden?

With a private plot, you can grow various berries, vegetables and fruits on it. To grow a garden with fruit trees, you must purchase seedlings of different varieties and types. During the purchase, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of climate, soil, growth and care of plants.

Particular attention should be paid to the characteristics of certain varieties. You need to be prepared for the fact that part of the seedlings will die due to the lack of nutrients in the soil, so you should plant as many blanks as possible.

Planting seedlings and care for them

Before planting, it is necessary to determine the varieties. Heat loving trees are best planted on the sunny side. In the northern part of yourself it will be comfortable to feel the apple tree and various fruit and berry plants. In the center of the garden there are all conditions for growth and normal development of the pear. Rowan also tolerates coolness.

When planting, leave sufficient distance between the seedlings. Over time, the trees will grow, and they need a place not only for a developed root system, but also for the crown.The distance between the apple trees should be 5-6 meters, the plum and cherry can be planted more often, every 3 meters. It is important to follow the rules of care and watering, in time to remove weeds that feed on the nutrients needed for the roots of trees.

It is important to carefully care for the garden during the cold season. It is necessary to shelter young plants from rodents. To do this, today sold all sorts of materials that can be purchased in specialized stores. The worst enemy of saplings in winter is frost, so you should carefully wrap up the trunk and insulate the root system.

Top dressing for fruit trees

For normal growth and fruiting of trees, timely feeding of soil is necessary. Top dressing is the introduction of useful minerals and organic additives. The following mineral fertilizers are the most effective for a fruit garden:

  • nitric,
  • potash,
  • phosphoric,
  • combined.

Organic fertilizers are manure, compost, slurry, etc. Useful substances can be applied in pure form, diluted and complex.

It is important not to overdo it, because an excessive amount of fertilizer can bring a negative result. Calculate the norm for a fruit tree is not difficult.To the diameter of the crown should be added to the unit and multiply by 3.14. The result must be correlated with the dose of the substance required for 1 sq. M. Before planting the garden should also fertilize the ground. Seedlings do not need fertilizer for about 2 years.

Concentrated fertilizers pose a danger to young trees. The best solution would be to use diluted substances.

The value of grafting for fruit trees

With the help of vaccination, you can create new varieties of fruit trees and experiment with the harvest. Also, this procedure allows you to:

  • correct crown deficiencies;
  • weaken or strengthen the growth of the tree;
  • speed up fruiting.

There are various ways of grafting plants. To the main groups can be attributed vaccinations with cuttings or kidneys. Depending on the purpose of the procedure, the site of inoculation varies. Most often, vaccination is done to the trunk, to the root and to the stump.

The grafting technique is simple. This procedure can even be carried out by a novice gardener. In the incised bark, you must enter the cutting, the edge of which is cut at an angle. The length of the slice should be about 3 cm.The grafted stem must have several live buds. Part of the branch above the buds is cut. The resulting billet is inserted into the bark. The cuttings, which are covered with the bark of the tree, take root best of all.

Caring for grafted plants is extremely important. It consists in constantly checking the kidneys and loosening dressings if necessary. You can find out whether the kidneys have settled down within two weeks. Healthy buds have a fresh look. If the inoculation did not work, the cutting or the bud dries out. From the grafted graft can get as many shoots as there were buds on it.


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