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What schoolboy has ever thought about the question of how to get sick with the flu, to arrange unscheduled vacations and take a break from school because it�s still too long to learn, the lessons are already tired, and the classroom is just a beast. I hope everyone who reads will understand for himself that this is just an article, and not a guide to action!

How to get the flu?

To begin with, no one has managed to get sick in a matter of hours, except, of course, people with weakened immunity and very poor health. In other cases, as a rule, prudent moms do not allow and try, especially on the eve of spring, to put in their children more vitamins and other immune-enhancing drugs so that you stay healthy. How to get the flu: a simulator or a patient?

We simulate the disease:

To simulate a disease is ideal for a truancy in several school days, but it all depends on your acting skills and how much your parents believe you. Act to whom, no matter how you know all the weaknesses of your parents in relation to yourself. It is always easier to deceive parentsbut what if it comes to going to the doctor ?! It�s good if your school has a system of notes from parents when they miss up to several days because of a sore head, sore throat, minor poisoning, fever, stomach disease and other weaknesses. In such cases, you can persuade a caring mother to assure her that you just need to rest in bed at home, but what to do if the impregnable parents are still dragging you to the doctor - assure in every possible way that in a couple of days you will get better, and the bad doctor will put you on a hospital yet for a week and you miss a lot of school curriculum - zakos under a diligent student surviving for his academic performance always wins.

How to get the flu without being ill with them, if, nevertheless, a visit to the doctor is inevitable:

  • There are not so many options to call snot, the main thing is not to overdo it: pepper in nose or laundry detergent will surely provide you with good sneezing and abundant snot;
  • sore throat can be faked if you eat red lollipops or chupa-chups;
  • replacement of a thermometer, a method very risky, but true; if you know that your doctor has exactly the same thermometer as yours,then you can easily replace it with your own with a temperature already prepared on it, but do not forget the temperature of 36.6 for a healthy person, and an elevated is considered to be higher than 37, which means that you do not need to catch up to 40, in this case the doctor simply will give you a new thermometer.

Cheer on this:

If you still do not feel sorry for your health, the nerves of your parents and, contrary to all common sense, there is a desire to walk not for a couple of days, but a couple of weeks for you here. How to get the flu really? It's very simple, the usual hypothermia or contact with an already sick person:

  • visit a friend who has already caught up the flu more often and the ailment will not keep you waiting;
  • an ice drink on a heated body will always do its job, be it cold juice after hot tea or cool juice after physical exertion;
  • after taking a bath, you can always jump out of the draft or stand at the open window, but you should not forget that this is fraught not only with the flu, but also the possibility of catching a much more serious disease, such as meningitis and other equally serious diseases.

If, however, after various manipulations you are still healthy, do not be discouraged, often the symptoms do not begin to appear immediately, but after several days and even weeks. And if you still do not get sick, then it remains only to rejoice at the fact that you have such a good immunity.


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