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How to get rid of hygromas

Surgical removal of the tumor is considered the most optimal solution to the problem. After it, there are almost no relapses, but if you are told that excision of hygroma is a pushover, it means that you turned to non-professionals. In fact, the operation lasts an average of half an hour using local or general anesthesia (in cases of large tumor size). After a week or more, the stitches are removed.
If the tumor is small and just appeared, you can try physiotherapy, paraffin therapy, mud and heat compresses.
It is possible to carry out punctures (punctures) with the extraction of the contents of the tumor and subsequent tight bandaging with the preliminary introduction of glucocorticoid hormones into the cavity. This method has a relatively low efficiency due to re-filling the affected cavity and the new formation of hygroma.
Make compresses from small pieces of tea fungus or jellyfish body.Apply a leaf of cabbage to a sore spot or drink cabbage juice for a month after the onset of the tumor. The drink is made as follows: cabbage leaves are crushed using a meat grinder, and gruel is squeezed through gauze. Drink half a glass of juice before breakfast and dinner.
The elbow joint hygrome can be steamed well in hot water for at least 20 minutes, constantly adding water. After that, smear the tumor with natural honey, put parchment paper on it and wrap it with a woolen shawl. To carry out the procedure until complete cure.
Make a mixture of clay, which for a long time lay under the sun, and urine. Stir the ingredients into a creamy consistency and apply on the hygroma. Walk with this ointment during the day, and in the evening lubricate the tumor with beef bile or iodine. After several procedures, the hygroma will begin to dissolve and soon disappear completely.

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