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How to get rid of home ants?

When a couple of ants appear in the house, it is still too early to panic, but it is worthwhile to be on their guard. If such visits become regular and with each time the number of “guests” grows, then it is quite possible that the ants have chosen your house or apartment for their permanent residence. If such neighbors are extremely undesirable for you, then you need to take measures to get rid of the domestic ants.

Basic rules in the fight against ants

Rule number 1 - destroy the uterus

Killing ants crawling to your apartment is useless. No matter how many of them die, others will take their place. In order not to wage war endlessly, you need to destroy the womb in their nests. She, laying eggs in large quantities, is able to replenish the ranks of their working ants faster than you will eliminate them. That is why the search for nests and formic uterus is the number one task in the fight against these insects.

Rule number 2 - collective participation

This rule applies to the tenants of apartment buildings, because the efforts of the owner of only one apartment to overcome this attack is not possible.Only joint participation will help destroy the nests of ants and get rid of them once and for all. Otherwise they will constantly return.

How to destroy ants

Ginger domestic ants will quickly leave your house alone if you take them seriously using modern means to destroy them. At your service:

  1. Insecticidal aerosols.
  2. Special pencils from ants.
  3. Traps.
  4. Gels that destroy these insects.
  5. Folk remedies.
  6. Call pest brigade at home.

When using any means of insecticidal action, remember that their main component is poison. When applying them yourself, follow all precautions when handling hazardous substances. Protect your hands, face, airways and organs of sight! Let us tell you exactly how some of these methods work.

Insecticidal sprays

With a relatively peaceful violation of the borders of your apartment by ants, when their visits are infrequent and not massive, you can completely eliminate them with an insecticidal aerosol. You can buy it in the department of household chemicals. Using the tool is simple, you just need to follow the following recommendations:

  • Ensure that there are no people in the room to be treated;
  • Clean the dishes;
  • Carry bread out to the balcony and other food stored not tightly closed;
  • Protect your face with a mask or respirator;
  • Spray all the places where insects were spotted, such as baseboards, crevices, etc.

When using this method, ants are killed, trapped in your apartment. But how to get rid of the rest?

Ant gels

Using the gel helps eliminate a whole colony of insects. The fact is that the gel, unlike the aerosol, does not begin to act immediately and the poisoned ant has time to return to its nest. This is where the infection of his fellows, and possibly the uterus itself, occurs, which leads to the death of all ants.


There are many types of traps, but the most effective ones are with bait inside. Small domestic ants sent to search for food find a trap, eat the bait, return to the nest and feed the uterus. As soon as the uterus dies, the end of the whole colony will come. To destroy the workers of the ants is a matter of technique.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies can also be used to get rid of ants.

  1. Boric acid. 1 tspmeans diluted in a glass of water, to it is added 1 tsp. honey or sugar. Ant trails and plinths are treated with the solution.
  2. Borax It is mixed with sugar 1: 1 and dry powder, sprinkled in the places of the appearance of ants.

Summon Pest Control Team

If all methods of dealing with ants have been exhausted, or there was initially a desire to entrust their hatching to professionals, then you need to invite a special team to the house. Specialists have all the necessary equipment, as well as experience in the detection of nests and are able in several stages to carry out a total sweep of the room.

Stage 1

Initially, they inspect the area, identify nests and constitute a development strategy.

Stage 2

All the alleged places of insects such as baseboards, slots, radiators, tiles and pipes are treated with toxic chemicals, water or steam, sometimes - exposure to low temperatures.

Stage 3

At the end of the work specialists carry out a control survey of the territory. Practice shows that a positive result from calling a special team is found in almost 100% of cases.

The only thing that prevents the massive use of this method, its high cost compared to other methods.


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