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How to get pregnant with an ovarian cyst

Ovarian cyst is a very common disease in women, which is a benign formation. Education can be of several types. Follicular cyst is a serious obstacle to pregnancy. Its development is closely related to the ovulation process. If the follicle does not break and the egg does not go into the uterus, a follicular cyst is formed that prevents the formation of new follicles. If the size of the formation exceeds 8 cm, it is removed surgically.
Other types are not an obstacle to pregnancy, but can cause complications during pregnancy. Often, cysts are broken, which may require urgent surgical intervention, which for pregnancy is a serious threat. Therefore, before planning a child, it is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo a course of treatment.
If the cyst is very large or polycystic is present, it can lead to functional changes in the fallopian tube and the inability to conceive.Often, such education in advanced cases leads to the removal of the fallopian tube. Some small cysts can resolve themselves over a period of several months.
If the formation has a fixed size and does not progress, conception and gestation can occur. It is also necessary that the level of CA-125 oncomarker does not exceed the norm, and the size of the cyst is no more than 8 cm. The timely detection of ovarian disease increases the chances of a successful conception and carrying a child.
Many women make the mistake of being afraid to go for an ultrasound scan and get tested. Indeed, there are many cases when a woman successfully becomes pregnant and bears a fruit with a cyst. However, one needs to be aware of the risks to which both the woman and the unborn child are exposed. If you remove the formation in a timely manner, intervention in the follicular unit will be minimal.
Common causes of cysts are obesity, hormonal disruption, sexually transmitted diseases. Regular visits to the gynecologist will help identify the disease in time and apply timely treatment. Another danger of neglected formations is the possibility of degeneration into a malignant tumor.Fortunately, in most cases, the removal of a cyst is successful and, after the drug course, a woman can conceive and bear a healthy child.

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