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How to get political asylum?

The United States has been passing laws for several years in order to protect citizens of other countries, granting asylum on its territory and even the possibility of obtaining the status of a citizen of America. But a period of one year has been allocated for such a procedure. In addition, documents and applications must be submitted that fully explain the reason why a person has the desire to receive such protection from the United States.

Asylum Procedure in America

Let us consider in more detail the plan of how to obtain political asylum in the United States:

  1. Going to the United States, since you can only get asylum in the United States. This can help a tourist visa.
    1. Contact the migration service and submit an application, which describes the reason for the persecution on the territory of your own country.
  2. To back up the statement with documents confirming the repression by the state. This is not necessary, but it will be more efficient, since the migration service will have all the evidence.

The reasons for the persecution, which can be specified in the statement: religious views, political views; a person�s belonging to a particular race, nationality or social group; the threat from neighbors, close relatives and at the same time you do not provide appropriate protection to law enforcement agencies.

Speaking about how to get political asylum, it is also worth noting that if during the year there was no application to the migration service, you will need to prove good reasons for the difficult circumstances that made it impossible for you to file all the documents on time.

Documents that are supported by the application

  • Notarized testimonies from friends and relatives that you are really being persecuted in the territory of your own country or that you are threatened by your life.
  • Documents that indicate that law enforcement agencies have conducted legal proceedings against you or your relatives. This could be a subpoena to the prosecutor�s office or the police, a decision to initiate or refuse a criminal case, search reports, etc.
  • Medical certificates that there is or was a threat to your life or the lives of your relatives. This list includes: certificates of beatings, chronic diseases, detention in a mental hospital or a heart attack.

How to live in the United States during the decision of the migration service

You may be uncertain for a period of time in America, even if you have not yet provided a solution to the migration service regarding your protection. In addition, 150 days after you have submitted an application, you can legally work, until that time you can find a job �for cash� or a check, for this you need to find an ad in any Russian newspaper and start working. This is an excellent solution in a similar case, since salaries are very high, and products in the US are cheap compared to other countries. You also have benefits for health insurance, food and the right to receive free housing. You can call your relatives, namely children and your wife, who is not 21 years old, for permanent residence with you.

A year later, after you officially received political asylum, you can become a permanent resident of America, that is, get the so-called "green card".Up to this point, you have no right to return to the country where you were subjected to repression under any pretext, but you can go to other neighboring countries, after completing a travel-passport, it is also called a "blue passport". We also clarify some names that play a huge role in obtaining a status in the United States:

  • permanent resident status;
  • asylum applicant - a person who has applied for political asylum;
  • asylee - political asylum seeker;
  • refugee - refugee.

Now you know how to get political asylum. And if in the future you need the protection of another state, you will already know how to act.


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