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How to get a ticket to a sanatorium?

Summer is in full swing - someone goes to rest on the sea, others prefer to take care of the garden, and someone has to work. If you feel that your health requires special attention - time to go to a sanatorium! There you can relax well and heal.

How to get a ticket to a sanatorium: a guide to action

In fact, there are several possible options for action:

  1. If you have no problems with finances, then the shortest way to the cherished rest and treatment is through a travel agency. You need to contact the existing agency in your city that deals with sanatorium and resort rest. It now remains to choose a place that suits you the most, and ... enjoy your vacation, taking care of your health too!
  2. if you work in a state organization, you can find out in the personnel department or contact a trade union.
  3. however, the most correct and economical way would be to contact your doctor. As a rule, it is he who notes the need for treatment in a sanatorium. By the way, only a specialist will be able to choose the right program of treatment and rest in a sanatorium.Therefore, you will have to go to the doctor, even if you buy a ticket through a tour operator.

No funds for a trip? Then the following information is for you!

How to get a ticket to a sanatorium for free

Free to heal in a sanatorium can only certain groups of citizens. These include:

  • participants of the Great Patriotic War (WWII)
  • war veterans and war veterans
  • military servicemen who served during the Second World War period for at least six months but did not directly participate in hostilities
  • residents of besieged Leningrad, awarded the appropriate sign
  • members of the family of the deceased or deceased invalid of the Great Patriotic War, as well as all those equated to them
  • disabled children
  • disabled people of I, II and III groups with work restrictions
  • persons affected by radiation after the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, and actions in Semipalatinsk. And also all citizens equated to them.

To get a ticket to a sanatorium, these groups of people need to contact the regional Social Insurance Fund. There you will need to write an application for the provision of vouchers for treatment in a sanatorium.

In addition, you need to get a certificate from your doctor about the diseases you have. If, at the conclusion of a doctor, you need sanatorium treatment, and if there are free vouchers in the Fund, you can get a voucher to the sanatorium for free. In this case, the voucher will be paid from the federal budget.

If you do not belong to any of the above categories, you also have a chance to get a free ticket. From the funds of the regional budget, vouchers for treatment (rehabilitation) in sanatoriums are allocated. If you receive follow-up care after surgery or a long, difficult course of treatment, then, in the direction of a doctor, you can qualify for a ticket.

Vouchers are also paid at the expense of compulsory social insurance, for those who receive a social package. In this case, if there are medical indications, a citizen of the Russian Federation receives a ticket to one of the complexes included in the List of sanatorium-resort institutions.


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