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How to force java

Programmers strive to make their child faster and more efficiently. They often face the problem of the speed of their programs. These problems lie in different planes, from the weak iron on which the program is running, to the complexity of the algorithm itself. It is worth understanding the details.
Many complain that many requests to the database come from the applet, and gui is updated slowly, although requests themselves are processed quickly. Suspicion falls on the web server itself or an applet on the client. But the gurus say that if it is Oracle, then there is a tool for capturing the most frequent and weak requests. Also filter the code itself and proping the network. And to find out exactly where the program is slowing down, do a simple tracing using the currentTime command.
Solve the problem of accelerating program execution by hardware. Recently, the company BEA said that it can accelerate the work of its own version of Java for servers by executing software directly on processors. They claim that they are working on a JRockit project — a version of the proprietary software of a virtual machine that executes a Java program that functions directly on computer hardware.While most versions of Java run on top of an operating system like Windows, Linux or Solaris.
Use other tips that are many on the forums for IT specialists, but be aware that each program is unique and it all depends on the programmer’s ability to write code that is concise enough and at the same time performs the functions that are expected of him.
In this language, they took the object model C ++ as a basis, and also dismantled some conflict situations that might have arisen due to the programmer’s fault. If you delve into the history, the idea itself was born back in 1991, and the project was called oak - oak, but since this name was already used by another company, we decided to call the Java language. Soon, most popular browsers started using Java applets inside web pages.

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