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How to find the number in the contact?

Social networks are not just platforms for communication, but also sources of additional information about a person.

In addition to standard data (name, date of birth, place of work or study, hobbies) you can find out confidential information about the user, for example, his phone number.

Phone number

There are several ways you can get a phone number on the social network VKontakte:

  • look at the personal page;
  • learn through private correspondence;
  • special programs;
  • through the tab "Forgot your password?".

Personal page

Some conscious users leave all the information about themselves on the main page of the social network, so finding out the phone number of such a person is easy: you need to go to his page and copy the phone number.

For those who need the phone numbers of their friends on the network, you can offer the Phone Directory application, which can be found among many applications on the network.

In addition, if a person works in a firm,the link to which is attached to its page, then, having passed on it, you can find the user's phone number on this page (if it is listed there).

Private chat

If fraudsters need to find out your phone number, then they can try to get it in personal correspondence: they will be trusted and randomly asked for your phone number. Users should remember one rule: do not give your number to the network (if you are not sure of your interlocutor or if you personally do not know this person).

Special programs

Also in the network you can find quite a lot of applications that can help find out the user's VKontakte number. But in most cases it is a hoax, and you waste time and money. So, if you are offered to purchase a special application, then it is better not to do this (you can also purchase a virus with the application).

"Forgot your password?"

Until recently, using this tab it was possible to find out any phone number, if you know the username of the user. But today the program gives out only a few digits of the phone number. This option is suitable for those who know part of the number (for example, the user on his page indicated some numbers).

If you click "Forgot your password?", The system will show you the first 7 digits.The last 4 digits can be obtained from another social network, for example, Facebook, which in the similar case gives the necessary digits of the number.

User ID

Id - the sequence number of the user registered in the network. This information is in the link to your page in the browser (in the top line after "https://vk.com/"). You can also find it in the tab “My Settings” → “Address of your page”.

User Id can be found using the application that you need to install in your account.

Important! The VC social network does not ask you to provide your data in third-party sources, so if you are asked to do this, keep in mind that you may have encountered intruders.


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