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How to find out which network card is installed on a PC?

Dmitry Tatarevich
Dmitry Tatarevich
January 9, 2013
How to find out which network card is installed on a PC?

To find out which network card is installed on your PC, you will need: a network card, the "Everest" utility, a personal computer, and access to the Internet.

How to find out which network card is installed on your computer? First of all, do the following:

  • Open the Computer Management window. Click on "Administration" in the "Control Panel". Then go to the "Device Manager". With the left mouse button, click on the "+" sign next to "Network cards". After a few seconds, a list of network cards installed on your PC will open before your eyes.
  • In the "Run" line, enter "Cmd" and the "ipconfig / all" command. Within a few seconds, the monitor displays information on all installed network cards. If the card is not detected by the system, and there are no drivers, you can try to visually determine the model of the card — remove the card from the slot, then enter the manufacturer’s marking data into the search engine.In just a few seconds, the information will be displayed on the monitor screen.

It will not be difficult to determine the model of the installed network card, mainly by "Vendor ID" and "Device ID". Data is displayed at initial load (BIOS).

You can use the "Everest" application to determine the network card. It is quite simple. To do this, install the application, then go to the tab "Devices". Next, expand the "Unknown" tab by clicking on the question icon. The “Hardware ID” information is displayed in the bottom window with VEN and DEV values. By codes, the program will determine the device, and the information will be available to the user.

In addition, you can get information about the manufacturer and model using the Vendor ID and Device ID, as well as on the Internet resource www.Pcidatabase.com. The obtained values ​​should be entered into special fields to enable the task to be performed.


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