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How to find out the characteristics of your computer?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
1 March 2013
How to find out the characteristics of your computer?

If you need information about your computer, you can use some programs. How to find out the characteristics of your computer using them?

Main program

“Everest” is a program with which you can find out all the information you are interested in about your computer. There is a trial free version. After installing this program on your computer, you can open the window in which the button for checking the characteristics is located. After pressing the button within a few minutes, the program will provide all the necessary data, including the manufacturer of the equipment. The program is easy to use, has many additional functions and a small amount.

other methods

How to find out computer settings? In addition to using programs, there are other ways. This can be done using MS DOS. It is necessary to turn on the computer. When it turns on, a black screen appears. It displays all the data on the computer.If you need the information urgently, you can click on a pause (space) when the screen shows the necessary information and rewrite it. When you finish recording, press “Esc” for further download.

Through the main menu

You can also use one of the easiest methods. Turn on the computer, open the Start menu. There you will see the item "Run". Click on it, a window will appear. In the line of this window you need to enter the following combination: msinfo32. Now click on the "OK" button. All the necessary information about your computer will appear. You can save it if you need it in the future. Just click at the top of the window with the information "File" and then "Save." There is a way how to find out the system characteristics of a computer is even easier. You do not have to enter anything, everything is done only with the mouse. Enter the "Start" menu, select "Programs", then "Standard" and "System Tools". After that, click "System Information" and read.


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