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How to find friends on Facebook?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
February 15, 2013
How to find friends on Facebook?

Life in the social network always provides the opportunity to communicate and chat with people when there is no opportunity to see each other. If you are on a resource like Facebook, want to find your acquaintances or relatives there, you need to know how to find friends on Facebook.

If you have your account (page) in this social network, you can make new friends, find those with whom you want to chat. This can be done by knowing the user's e-mail, first name and last name. Go to your page. Look, in the upper right corner there should be a button “Find Friends”. Click on it. You will see a window in which you can see and select with which you want to find this or that person.

  • The first thing you can choose is a search on the same social networks, search engines, ICQ, Skype. You need to enter the e-mail of the person you are looking for, ICQ or Skype number, depending on how you decided to search. The system will give you the person to whom the email is registered.Then you click "Add as Friend", and the person receives a notification that you offer him friendship. In order to find a person from the "neighboring" social networks, click "Find Friends". A list of resources will appear in the window. Opposite the name of the resource there is a button "Find". Click. They will show you all who are friends with you on this resource. Choose and click Add as Friend.
  • The second option is how to find friends on Facebook. You click on the same "Find Friends" button. A window will appear on the left. In it, you can specify the name and surname of the person, and then click "Find". All the results will appear in front of you, and you will choose the one you were looking for. Also, as an option, you can enter in the search country, city, school. It is necessary in each field to specify the information that you know. For example: name, city. You will see a window with everyone who has the same name and city as you specified. Perhaps among these people you will find the person you were looking for.

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