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How to fall in love with any?

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How to fall in love with any?

The art of seduction has developed since a very long time. Previously, these were certain approaches and behaviors with the female sex. Today, this has been transformed not only into a complex system that includes many elements, but even almost a science. Many people have heard of the term "pickup." Pikapery sure that you can make any girl. Find out and you how to fall in love with any.

The essence of a pickup

The pickup in its essence is a system of personality transformation. The term comes from the English phrase "pick up", which means "pick up", "pick up". Most people believe that this is a set of template actions and phrases that will immediately lead to the result - the seduction of the girl and her love. However, everything is much more complicated.

Today, there are many books about pick-ups, there are even pick-up trainings that you can become a real Don Juan. Of course, for this you need to do a great job of self-improvement. An experienced person who studies the technique of a pickup truck is constantly working on himself, and his pickup will be invisible, everything will look natural, and not artificially.

Often we hear a negative attitude to the pickup, people do not accept it. Everything happens because such a model of behavior does not correspond to the usual course of things. In the process of studying a pickup, your personality is transformed into a new one, a different outlook and other values ​​emerge, which makes your existing personality come face to face with a new one.

That is why many of those who decided to pick up the truck, leave this case halfway, because they do not see the results and fail in several attempts to test the material studied.

What to do to pickup earned

You have already realized that it will be necessary to change yourself. But it is impossible to reconfigure in a new way. This is all done gradually.

And above all, you will need to clear your mind of various "garbage":

  • children's offenses and injuries;
  • old beliefs;
  • past offenses (have a huge impact on your behavior and reactions to events at any time in life);
  • strict rules of education.

You need to move forward to achieve results. And staying in the past and holding the evil on other people or on yourself, you only aggravate your situation and certainly will not achieve success in mastering a pickup truck.

When you succeed in forgetting at least some of the problems that hinder you, you will be able to go beyond your usual behavior, and pickup technicians will direct you on the right track.

The second thing you need to understand is that you have to combine two opposites in yourself. Everyone knows that girls love bad guys. And when the bad guys don't do girls the way they want, they run to the good guys for advice. So, you need to be the golden mean. Both bad and good. In other words, it is necessary to learn how to behave in such a way that one can live 100% at his own pleasure and at the same time be caring and attentive to a girl, also 100%. It guarantees success. When you can combine it, the girl will melt.

What do girls want from guys? So that he is confident, knows what he wants, understands his importance in this world and is not a whiner, and at the same time he must be attentive, caring and loving. So, it is worth giving them that. And in order to reorganize in a new way, it will take time, but it will definitely pay off!

Elements of the seduction system


Do not think that the appearance is not important. Be sure to take care of yourself.Well, you see, carelessly cut nails, unpleasant smell and bags under the eyes will play a role, even if your personality is set correctly and in accordance with all the techniques and principles of the pickup.


The same can be said about the figure. A flabby stomach, lean biceps and a hunched back will not leave a good impression on the girl either. Therefore, if you have not started to engage in the gym or exercise machine, run to record!


Even if you look like a girl 100%, but your behavior will go against her views on it, it will not work for you.

The principles of pickup. How to think

  1. Think positive. If you think about the bad, it will come. And if you think that everything is good and in order, it will be so. Thoughts are material.
  2. Get feedback. In communication it is necessary to achieve feedback with the girl. This is noticeable not only in the words she speaks. Pay attention to non-verbal gestures that are more pronounced than words. You can keep silent about something that the girl is not satisfied with, but by facial expressions and gestures you can understand that the topic is not the same, and then change the pattern of behavior.
  3. Be sincere and open, show your interest in moderation, and the girl will wake up similar feelings, followed by love.

How to behave

Summarizing the above information, we can draw the appropriate conclusions about how to fall in love with any girl.

  1. Put yourself in order.
  2. Stylishly dressed.
  3. Go to the "hunt".
  4. Behave like the "liked-met."
  5. Do not forget to pull your hands out of your pockets.
  6. To start a conversation with a girl, make her a compliment.
  7. Do not ask permission to meet. Be confident.
  8. When flirting, look straight into your eyes (there must be eye contact, in which your confidence is visible).
  9. Behave gallantly - girls like suave boys.
  10. Do not be intrusive.

An acquaintance is considered successful if your “target” accepted the invitation for a date, and you had “in your pocket” her phone number.


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