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How to bring a wife?

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How to bring a wife?

Joint life, the solution of daily problems, periodic quarrels, financial difficulties can kill even the hottest passion of partners. How to revive feelings, return intimate life of old colors and once again become desirable in the eyes of your beloved wife?

Add a light

During the years of family life, did you ideally work out the process of having sex with every detail? Every love game takes place according to your usual program? Then it is not surprising that your desire is not so much ...

Rather, change established traditions, bring a sense of novelty, unpredictability into your intimate life, perhaps even risk - be guided by your preferences.

For example, arrange an unplanned romantic evening for your wife for absolutely no reason. Offer to have sex in an unusual place - in the car, in the toilet of a cafe, on a wild beach. Find a couple of new poses in Kama Sutra and, radically changing the “hackneyed erotic plate”, offer your wife new options. You can also try out role-playing games, intimate toys - in special stores for this a huge variety of goods are sold.

Show her your passion

Make love “on schedule”? Then you should try to excite your wife with your impetuousness, ardor - believe me, women like it.

Why don't you organize unplanned sex in the middle of the working day (ask your spouse to come home for a lunch break) or just on an “after-hour” evening of the week? Have sex not in bed, but, for example, in the shower, in the kitchen, in the hallway. Start petting when your sweetheart will cook you dinner or take a bath.

Do not rush too much with the main part of the process, because a woman needs more time to reach the peak of her arousal, which, in turn, guarantees her maximum pleasure from sex.

Buy intimate aids

Sometimes a woman is not allowed to enjoy intimacy due to lack of lubrication. The reason for this may be hormonal changes, age factor, disease. In this case, special gels, creams and lubricants will help. You can buy them in sex shops (both in ordinary and interactive), in pharmacies.

Watch themed movie

Do you think only men start a strawberry? You are wrong! With the proper selection of the “film”, the idea to excite a wife with the help of a video will also be very successful.Focus in this matter on the nature of his beloved, her temperament, preferences. Not every woman will enjoy the bold work of German directors. Perhaps the more successful choice would be in the direction of a feature film with vivid erotic overtones.

Change the situation

Sometimes the familiar, battered apartment / house environment itself destroys any hope of the brightness of intimate life. If you have children, then chances of how to "relax" and even less.

That is why be sure to set aside time for you two in your calendar. Let it be one evening a week or one day a month - the main thing is that it should be. And you should not plan a date in advance, because at the appointed time you just may not want sex. It is better if you decide on it for a couple of days or the day before, and on the right day you will take the children to parents or other relatives.

It would be ideal to get away from home - in another city or beyond, in another country. Feeling in a new environment, you instantly turn into a wonderful romantic couple. Stroll with your beloved in the new locality, visit beautiful places, arrange the evening in a cozy restaurant, and in the evening indulge in love.Maybe you want to spend the whole weekend in bed, enjoying the solitude and pleasant status of tourists.

Try to open each other on such days, acting not according to the old program, but on a completely new, just written.


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