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How to enter a Kaspersky key?

Kaspersky Anti-Virus and other Kaspersky Lab programs are a good solution for protecting against malicious software. However, you can freely use all their functions only after activation. In this article we will explain how to activate a trial or purchased version of the program.

Activation of the trial version of Kaspersky

The trial version of Kaspersky Anti-Virus and other programs is available for free and is valid for 15 or 30 days. Activation can be made directly during the installation process or later, already from the installed application.

To activate the trial version, when installing, in the “Activation of the program” window, select the “Activate trial version” option and click “Next”. You will not need to enter any numbers from you - the program will download a trial license file from the Kaspersky Lab servers, and you will be informed about it. After that, click "Finish".

If you have already installed the Kaspersky application, but have not yet activated it, open the main window and click on the “Enter activation code” link.The "Licensing" window will appear. Click on it in the "Activate program" button and select the option "Activate trial version". Then everything will happen the same way as in the case of activation during installation. When a message appears about the successful completion of the task, press the “Finish” button.

Activation of the program: how to enter the key

To activate a purchased Kaspersky application, you will need to manually enter the key. This can also be done during the installation process or already in the installed program.

To enter a key in Kaspersky during the installation process, in the "Activation of the program" window, select the "Activate commercial version" option. There are four fields for input - by the number of groups of characters in your license code. Keep in mind that the letters present in the key are exclusively Latin (English), the Cyrillic alphabet is not there, so make sure that you select the desired keyboard layout. You do not need to enter hyphens (dashes) - they are already in the form, and the program automatically moves the cursor to the next field as soon as you complete the previous one.

When you finish typing, click "Next."After downloading the license file, the program will notify you of successful activation. Click the "Finish" button.

If you have already installed the application, but have not activated it yet, open its main window. To enter a Kaspersky key, click the "Enter activation code" link at the bottom of the window. In the "Licensing" window that appears, click the "Activate program" button, select "Activate commercial version" and enter the code in the appropriate fields. Do not forget that the letters in the key are Latin. After completing the entry, click "Next", and when a message appears about the successful activation - click "Finish".

If you bought a Kaspersky license for several computers at once, everywhere activation occurs in exactly the same way. Enter the same code on each computer - it is the same for all copies you have.


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