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How to eat vegetables?

The rules of etiquette imply certain rules on the eating of certain products. There are various rules on how to eat different types of vegetables.

How to eat potatoes

Potatoes - one of the most frequent side dishes. Baked whole tubers for etiquette made to cut to half with a knife, or break up with a fork. After that, the pulp is separated from the skin, laid out with a fork, and to it is added butter, sauce and spices. It is also not customary to knead potatoes in a plate with a fork, but to eat it in pieces.

French fries are allowed to eat with their hands if they are served in fast food restaurants to a hamburger. In other cases, you must use the devices in the usual way, as well as when eating mashed potatoes from this root.

How to eat vegetables: salads and snacks

Fresh vegetable salads, cut into small pieces, or vinaigrettes, seasoned with sauces, should be eaten, as usual - with the help of cutlery. Dishes with such snacks are served with such devices: with a fork and knife of smaller sizes than for main courses. However, if the salad is served as a side dish to the second dish - meat steak, meat patty or chop, it is customary to eat vegetables with the same apparatus as the main course.You can also cut with an knife edible decorations from fresh cucumbers or tomatoes, leaf lettuce or large pieces of bell pepper.

It is important to remember that you should not cut all the vegetables in the dish at once. It is necessary to separate the small slices immediately before sending them to the mouth.

When serving baked, stewed, boiled or cooked vegetables over the coals, they should not be cut. The knife in this case is useful only in order to make it more convenient to impose them on the fork. Vegetables that have been heat-treated are soft, and therefore there is no need for additional grinding.

Vegetable platter or "cutting"

At banquets or buffets, vegetables are often served on a large platter just like at buffets. Table setting involves the presence of tongs or a common fork, intended for laying on his plate. It’s not customary and indecent to take hands from a common dish, therefore, using the appliance provided, you need to put it back in place and continue to eat it with an individual knife and fork. Lettuce leaves or greens, if they are soft, can be coiled onto a fork and eaten.In the case, if the vegetable is too hard, you need to pre-cut it into smaller pieces.

When guests are offered vegetables on skewers, vegetable canapes, they should be eaten whole, and if the pieces are too large, then for a couple of bites. But when a dish is offered to the dish in a common sauce bowl, the canapés can only be dipped into it before the piece has been bitten off.

Other vegetables

  • Boiled corn on the cob is eaten without the aid of appliances. At the same time, the cob is taken with both hands and several grains are bitten off by the teeth.
  • There are several options for how to use green peas, olives and cherry tomatoes - you can simply chop a few pieces on a fork or gently put them on the concave part of the device with a knife, like on a spoon. In some cases, tomatoes and olives are served already pinned on skewers, so you just need to take the skewer by the free end and send the vegetable into your mouth.
  • Eat radish hands, pre-salted from common salt shaker or dipped in salt, poured into his plate. It is unacceptable to put radish or any other vegetable in a common salt shaker.
  • Asparagus can also be eaten by hand. But if the sauce is also served, it can be cut into pieces with a knife.

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