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How to dry mushrooms?

Anton Kravchenko
Anton Kravchenko
July 4, 2012
How to dry mushrooms?

Drying is one of the most common and affordable methods of processing mushrooms. When drying, the mass of the fungus is reduced by about 10 times, new taste properties appear. Moreover, by their digestibility and nutritional value, dried mushrooms are superior to pickled, salted and even frozen. It is convenient to store dried mushrooms because of their durability and low weight. Therefore, for many housewives relevant question, how to dry mushrooms.

First, you need to understand that not all mushrooms can be dried. Tubular mushrooms, sometimes marsupials, are usually dried. Plate mushrooms contain bitterness that does not go away after drying. Such mushrooms are usually pickled and salted. The most common mushrooms for drying are brown boletus, aspen mushrooms, ceps, bovines. And there is not much difference between how to dry white fungus and boletus, for example.

Before drying mushrooms, you need to choose only healthy and strong specimens, always without wormholes. It is not recommended to wash them before drying, as they will dry much longer.It is necessary to wipe them with a rag, clearing the hat from dirt, pine needles, moss. If the mushroom cap is large, then it should be cut into several pieces. Legs cut into small columns or wheels. Some mushrooms, for example, morels and stitches are dried completely. And in oil, chanterelles and mokhovikov only caps are dried.

There are a lot of ways to dry mushrooms at home. You can dry the mushrooms in the oven, outdoors, in the sun, in the oven of a gas or electric stove. In addition, now in the shops you can find special devices for drying.

For drying it is important that it goes gradually and evenly. Mushrooms should not boil, namely, dry out. Also, the mushrooms must be dried quickly, at high temperatures and good air circulation, otherwise the mushrooms can easily deteriorate.

If you decide to dry the mushrooms in the open air, then you should choose a hot and dry day. Drying mushrooms in the sun can last a week. It is recommended to string mushrooms on a strong string or fishing line. Then, this “necklace” of mushrooms is hung in a place where the sun can dry them up to the maximum.

It is necessary to regularly check the readiness of mushrooms.Every evening it is necessary to bring mushrooms into the house, as the air humidity rises at night. Mushrooms that have reached a dried state should be removed. In no case can not overdry mushrooms - so they lose their nutritional properties and flavor.

If you decide to dry the mushrooms in a dryer or oven, then they should be laid in a thin layer on a baking sheet or rack. Recommended temperature - 60-70 degrees. When ready, trays or grates should be swapped.

Ready mushrooms to the touch should be light and dry, should break, but not crumble. To taste and smell like fresh mushrooms.

How and where to dry mushrooms - you decide. The best option is to let the mushrooms dry in the sun, and then, complete the drying in the oven, on the stove or oven.


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