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How to draw patterns?

The ability to draw patterns can be useful to you at any time, even if you are completely far from the world of art and do not have any artistic talents. Knowing how to draw patterns, you can easily decorate the cover of an album in an original way or turn an old shabby table into a nice little thing by painting its tabletop with patterns. But, of course, before you try yourself as an interior designer, you should first learn how to draw patterns on paper. We offer you to master this simple skill with the following examples.

Lesson one: draw a zebra skin

All animalistic patterns are now at the peak of popularity. Leopard and tiger skin, zebra, python scales, crocodile skin are the absolute favorites of fashion. Designers actively use them not only when creating clothes, but also furniture and carpets. One of the most spectacular "animal" patterns - zebra skin. Learning to draw it will be quite simple. See for yourself.

  1. Outline the lines of the main bands on the skin. Pay attention - they should be rather wide, uneven, slightly winding and always elongated in one direction.For the first time, try simply repeating our drawing, and in the future you will come up with the shape of the bands yourself.
  2. We make all our lines slightly torn and jagged, ideally they should look like they are shaking under the action of high voltage.
  3. Finally we draw sharp peaks and forks of the lines, which will give our drawing vividness and naturalness.
  4. Draw the final image with a non-rubbing thin line, remove all unnecessary and paint the resulting pattern with black paint in the right places. Now, by analogy with this lesson, you yourself will understand how to draw frosty patterns or any other, consisting of oddly curved lines.

Lesson Two: Drawing a Paisley Pattern

The pattern, which first appeared in Persia about two thousand years ago, is now considered a generally accepted world classics. "Indian cucumber" has become one of the symbols of the hippie movement, it is still decorated with bandanas, jeans and colorful skirts in the style of "boho". If you think about how beautifully to draw patterns on a beach bag or country furniture, stop your choice on “paisley”. Prepare a paper, an eraser and a pencil and start drawing.

  1. Draw a shape in the shape of a drop of water. Repeat its contours with a slight increase in size. The outer shape should differ from the inner only by a curved, thin tip - as shown in our figure. Draw a vertical centerline.
  2. We make out the internal drop with small uniform teeth, gradually reducing them to the tip of the figure.
  3. In accordance with the image we draw two small drops inscribed in a drop with cloves.
  4. Draw a contour of the mass of small points with equal intervals between them.
  5. We carefully try to repeat all the lines from large and small points as shown in our picture. In the inner drop we depict stylized curls of flame and draw a line consisting of small narrow rectangles. Clearly draw all the details of the pattern with a thin black gel pen or ink. Gently remove, with the help of an eraser, auxiliary pencil lines.

On this our lesson, how to draw a beautiful pattern, is almost over. It remains only to decide whether it will be black and white, as in our example, or you paint it at your discretion.


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