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How to draw a pig?

Tatyana Eflina
Tatyana Eflina
September 18, 2014
How to draw a pig?

Children love to draw different animals - bunnies, cats, dogs. And today we will learn how to draw a pig.

How to draw a regular mumps


  • Pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Paper.

We draw:

  1. We will draw a mumps in stages. First we draw a big oval for the body.
  2. Then the smaller oval is the head. The head should go onPiggytorso.
  3. Now we draw two circles on the head - these are ears.
  4. Next, draw four sausages - legs.
  5. We will draw our sketch. Draw a muzzle on the head oval - sharpen ahead. And draw a circle - it's a penny.
  6. Ears also sharpen and make more triangular.
  7. Legs decorate the columns, slightly expanding to the bottom.
  8. Draw pen on the tummy, going to the sides.
  9. Behind the tail draw crochet.
  10. Now draw the eyes.
  11. Remove the extra lines and draw the fur.

And now let's learn how to draw a guinea pig.

How to draw a guinea pig


  • Pencil;
  • Paper;
  • Eraser.

We draw:

  1. First, draw an oval - this is the body.
  2. Then draw a smaller oval, it should slightly go on the body. It will be a head. The end of the head must be sharpened - it will be a muzzle.Piggy
  3. Now at the end of the oval-trunk draw a small and sharp tail.
  4. Draw small circles - these are eyes.
  5. Next, draw two small paws in front and one behind, on the side that is closer to us, draw claws.
  6. Now smoothly connect your head and torso.
  7. Raise the pointed edge of the face and draw a spout.
  8. Then paint the ears in the shape of small triangles.
  9. And after erase unnecessary lines, paint over eyes, draw hair and guinea pig ready.

If your child does not like simple pigs, but Peppu's pig from a cartoon, you can easily draw Peppu's pig with a pencil.

How to draw Peppa Pig


  • Paper;
  • Pencil;
  • Eraser.

We draw:

  1. At first we draw the semi-oval heads, on one side we add a circle - a penny.Piggy
  2. Further from the patch we draw a short line, and on the other hand we draw a circle, which will be connected to a short line. Get a head.
  3. Now we draw eyes not far from the patch.
  4. Then draw the ears in the form of small ovals.
  5. We draw a dress.
  6. And then we draw two pens - sausages with fingers, and legs - two columns in slippers.
  7. Add a tail.
  8. Erase unnecessary lines, paint over eyes and dress.

That's ready Peppa pig.


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