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How to draw monsters?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 26, 2013
How to draw monsters?

To draw a monster or a monster, you need to give free rein to your imagination. Then it will turn out very real and unusual. However, before drawing monsters, you should first think about his character. What will it be? Sad, aggressive or fun? If you have decided, you can proceed to the next item.

We select the appearance of the monster

To express the character of the monster, it is necessary to choose the right look for it To make the picture really unusual, you should try to move away from the patterned, familiar images. But you can create a completely new monster, using the symbiosis of different creatures. For example, you can combine some parts of the human body, insects, animals, and inanimate objects. And each of the parts should demonstrate the character traits of the monster you invented.

Some artists to create unusual creatures use not only their imagination, but also metaphors, popular expressions, play on words, depicting them literally.Thus, as a result, unprecedented monsters appear, striking in their appearance. You can also look for inspiration in the environment. For example, you should look at the shape of clouds, puddles, treetops, the pattern on the wallpaper and the outlines of the mountains. You just need to draw their silhouettes and spiritualize them, and the monster will be ready.

Drawing monster

You can draw a monster even from ordinary blots. It is enough to spill some water-based paint on a piece of paper, to help it spread over it, and when it dries, just draw some features to it, for example, hands, eyes, nose, wings.

If the blot option is not interesting for you, then you should arm yourself with a brush and try to paint the monster with it. If you conceived of him as an ephemeral creature, then you should use blurry watercolor strokes. If the monster is dense, then solid mascara fillings will do, so that the monsters are obtained with pronounced charisma. After the monster is drawn, it is necessary to draw the habitat of the monster so that a composition is present in the drawing.

If a monster attacks someone, then you should draw him a company of people or other monsters.Some items should be added, such as weapons. And in the background can be burnt cities, forests or houses. However, in this case it is necessary not to overdo it, so that the second plan does not mix with the main action, and does not come to the first, it is important to concentrate attention on the monster, its strength and character. Now you know how to draw monsters, and your collection of drawings to replenish with various unprecedented creatures.


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