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How to draw graffiti in stages?

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How to draw graffiti in stages?

Graffiti is a drawing or inscription made with paint or ink. Not only paper can act as a canvas, but also a wall of a house, asphalt, a fence and any other surfaces. To know how to draw graffiti in stages, you should lightly touch the basics of this art.

Graffiti styles

Despite the fact that graffiti is a fairly young art form, there are already several different styles of drawing.

  • Spray art is the most common style. In this case, the picture is applied with spray paint from a can. It is the most common;
  • Bubble-style implies the image of round, bubble-like letters in two or three colors;
  • The blockbuster style is large letters of the same color;
  • Wild style looks like very florid, sometimes even unreadable letters;
  • FX style is volumetric letters with 3D effect.

These are the main, but not all graffiti styles. And we start by drawing graffiti on paper.

The process of creating graffiti on paper

  1. Drawing graffiti begins with the selection of the plot. In our case, this is some kind of text. First, take one word, for example, your name.Graffiti
  2. Now go to the choice of style. Let it be a bubble style.
  3. We write the word in such a way that there is some distance between the letters.
  4. Make the letters rounded. If desired, add some additional details.
  5. We paint our drawing with bright colors, but we don’t make it too colorful.

Another master class on this topic is presented in the article: How to draw graffiti with a pencil on paper

The process of creating graffiti on the street

When you have practiced enough with pencil and paper, you can try to paint graffiti somewhere on the street.

  1. It is best to start working with a sketch that you create at home in a relaxed atmosphere. Then you will know exactly what the final drawing should look like.
  2. Now we choose a place. To avoid problems with the authorities, it is necessary to draw in specially designated places, and not only on a painted house or a public transport stop. When you got intoGraffitithe right place, you should choose the area of ​​the primed surface that is best suited for drawing.By the way, you should also not start your drawing on top of someone else's work.
  3. Before applying the paint on the wall, we check in which direction the jet is directed, splashing onto the ground.
  4. We transfer the general features of your sketch to the surface with a can of primary color. Do not stop drips with a rag, otherwise there will be stains. When the paint dries, paint over the background color.
  5. Gradually draw all the details and apply colors. The optimal time for drawing is a dry sunny day. In this case, the paint will fall better and dry faster.

For those who are still unsure of their abilities, it is worth trying drawing graffiti in contact.


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