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How to draw Flora?

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How to draw Flora?

Practically all the girls adore young Winx fairies from the cartoon of the same name, and therefore it is not surprising that they want to learn how to draw them. Do not think that it is so difficult. For example, want to know how to draw flora?

Following the instructions, you can figure out how to draw Winx. Flora is distinguished by the love of nature, which is clear from her name, and therefore everything in her should speak about it: warm shades of hair and clothes, jewelry, outfit.

  • To begin with, we outline the main lines along which we will create Flora. Above - a circle, this is the head, mark the eye line on it.
  • Now we draw such a face shape. Focusing on the line in the middle of the face, draw a little slanting eyes, a small nose and a smiling mouth. Do not forget the small, slightly curved eyebrows and a small lower lip.
  • Now draw the hair. The face of the fairy on both sides is framed by a long bang with jagged edges. At the top, draw a few strands of hair sticking up.
  • Next, draw the neck and body of the fairy, which is a bit like a rhombus, the waist should be thin.Above the chest draw a line that will denote a corset.
  • Then draw your hands. They wear sleeves with wavy edges. On the neck of the fairy decoration - a flower.
  • Now carefully paint Winx brushes. Do not forget the tips of the hair behind your back.
  • Behind the fairies should be wings bending with beautiful smooth lines. Now draw the skirt. Its edges are not smooth, it should resemble the petals of a flower.
  • Now turn the legs. The legs of the fairies are long and slender. Note that the legs should be slightly thickened in the thighs and calves, and in the knees should be thin.
  • At the end draw shoes. Do not forget to erase the extra auxiliary lines. And now your fairy is ready.

It remains only to color the fairy. Look in the magazine or in the picture on the Internet, what colors are better to use.

Of course, drawing such a thin, elegant and very beautiful Winx Fairy is not so easy. So take your time.


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