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How to draw cute?

October 1, 2014
How to draw cute?

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How to draw cute?

Kittens are drawn in animated films with big heads, with small, soft legs and huge eyes with a few highlights. These eyes look very cute, causing people a pleasant impression. Below is a step-by-step drawing instruction for a kitten with such eyes.

How to draw a cute kitten

Option One

  1. Start drawing from the head. Draw a large oval at a slight inclination. Your kitten will sit at three-quarters of a turn.
  2. Add the auxiliary midline of the face. In this case, it will look like an arc dividing the oval into two parts. Separates the line approximately 1/3 from the left edge.
  3. Draw two more arcs across - they will help you to orient yourself with the location of the eyes.Draw cute
  4. Draw two large circles depicting the eyes. Under them, in the form of a triangle or in the shape of a heart, draw a nose, mark the mouth with a line.
  5. Draw a smaller circle for the body. Connect the parts of the body, then proceed to drawing details.
  6. Add the ears, antennae, legs and tail, on the head, chest and ears with zigzag lines mark wool. In the eyes, be sure to draw three highlights.
  7. Erase extra and auxiliary lines. Correct possible errors. If you get the wrong proportions, try changing them by drawing the part parallel to the finished one, and then erasing the unfortunate strokes.

The kitten is ready. Now try to draw a screwed-up kitten, this drawing also looks pretty touching.

Option Two

  1. Draw the oval of the head. Eyes will look like two arcs.
  2. Draw a triangular nose and mouth of the animal.
  3. Draw the ears and stripes of black wool.Draw cute
  4. Now, using a curved line, draw the back of the animal.
  5. Draw the front foot and chest in one line. Complete the second front paw.
  6. Your kitten will sit, so draw a back paw bent at the knee.
  7. Connect the line of the torso and hind legs, drawing a kitten a long tail.
  8. Work out the details: finish the mustache, hair in the ears, black stripes.
  9. Erase the extra lines, correct the mistakes and start painting the figures.

Such simple drawings are very good for coloring children.Since the images are not overloaded with details, you can offer your child to try drawing with you.


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