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How to draw crack

You will need
  • - the photo;
  • - personal PC;
  • - Photoshop software.
Launch the Photoshop program on your computer and open a photo in which you’ll draw a crack: this could be, for example, a photo of a house in a village.
On the Photoshop toolbar, select the Pencil tool and set the diameter to 1 PX. Then, click on “Create a new layer”, create a new layer and name it “White crack”.
Holding the left button of the computer mouse in the upper left corner, lead the crack, drawing it about 1/5 of its planned length. Then release the left mouse button and, without moving the manipulator, press "]" on the keyboard (this action will increase the diameter of the pencil used). Continue to draw further from the point where the mouse cursor stopped. Draw another 1/5 partcracksand release the paddle button again, and then click "]". As a result, the crack should be drawn with five pencils with different diameters.
Make sure that the painted crack is smooth bends and sharp corners. If it turned out too sharp, then using the mask Add layer mask,slightly soften sharp partscracks.
Make sure the foreground is set to black, then walk around the edges.cracksblack paint, making the image more realistic.
Hold the thumbnail of the layer with the left button of the computer mouse, drag it to Create new layer. Rename this layer to Black crack. Invent the crack by pressing the key combination “Ctrl + I”: in the photo, the crack will not look as black as the thumbnail. Change the blend mode of the Black crack layer to the following values: opacity is 100% and Fill is 85%.

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