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How to draw Anna?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
October 1, 2014
How to draw Anna?

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How to draw Anna?

A good cartoon “Cold Heart” with an interesting plot and sparkling humor created a real sensation, and its main character Anna fell in love with many. Now the image of Anna and her sister Elsa can be found on the covers of notebooks, notebooks, coloring books. In the article we suggest that you familiarize yourself with an interesting master class - how to draw Anna step by step with a pencil.

Creating the main character

  1. Schematically draw a circle. This will be the head of the main character. Draw large almond-shaped eyes. Over them draw wide eyebrows. Draw a small neat nose.
  2. Next, draw the girl's neck. She is always covered with a standing cape, so you should not draw a very long neck.
  3. We will try to draw Anna from the cartoon “Cold Heart” in full growth. To do this, schematically mark the top of a long dress, arms. Mark the borders of the skirt with a vertical line and an adjoining arc. Based on the boundaries of the circle, move the contours of the face and ear.Anna
  4. Now go drawing a cape.Its lower angle should reach the level of the elbows. Decorate the cape with a frill, braid and a beautiful clasp. Do not forget about the neck, it should look out a little from the stand-collar.
  5. Put the heroine's hair in two simple braids, lying on her chest.
  6. The most difficult moments, how to draw Anna, you have already studied. It remains to finish the elements of clothing and hands. Based on the borders of the corset, draw the heroine the top of the dress and decorate it with simple ribbons. Now go to the drawing of the skirt. It should be soft folds down to the floor.
  7. Draw to the cape of the cloak floor.Anna
  8. Decorate the edges of the cloak and the floor of the dress with a simple pattern.
  9. Draw the heroine legs, shod in boots, and hands that a modest girl hid behind her back.
  10. Now you know how to draw Anna with a pencil. It remains to paint it. In order to properly color the heroine, it is necessary to remember some of its features. The girl's hair should be painted with several shades of wheat color, and her eyes should be blue. Paint the raincoat purple, highlighting the elements of decoration in a darker color. Make the sleeves and neck of the blouse blue, and the corset black with gold trim.Black color boots. Use a blue pencil to paint the skirt, highlighting its bottom edge with a darker shade.

If you managed to draw Anna, try to depict her sister Elsa.


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