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How to draw an illusion?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 15, 2013
How to draw an illusion?

Illusion is a mirage, something that does not exist the way it looks, a distortion of reality. This is the case when you can not trust your own eyes. To figure out how to draw an illusion, let's try to depict it in the form of an abstract drawing.

Draw a triangle, which can not be:

  • At first we draw a usual triangle, better equilateral.
  • Then around him - two more triangles so that you get three pieces one inside the other.
  • Extend one side of each inner triangle to the outer line.
  • You need to create a preliminary volume. For this we apply notches on the corners of the triangle so that the outer corners of the outer triangle can be erased with an eraser.
  • Now it remains to erase a few extra lines: at the top right - the horizontal line between the inner and middle triangle, at the top left - between the middle and outer, and below - the right segment at the top of the middle triangle.
  • It remains to erase the outer corners.

We have described how to draw an illusion on paper. Having worked, you can really see the illusion. This means that you have drawn a three-dimensional image of such a triangle, which does not exist in nature.

How to draw an illusion


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