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How to draw a still life?

Still life is a kind of painting in which, fixed objects are depicted, such as fruits, flowers, dishes, furniture, and so on. And, now, we will tell you how to paint a still life, give a couple of very useful tips on the topic.

How to draw still life with pencil and paints

To begin with, you should have some idea in your head that you, then, will carry on a piece of paper. The main task - not to violate this idea in the process of drawing a still life. And that means you cannot start drawing a separate object and draw the rest of the composition to it. Indeed, in this case, as practice shows, the proportions and sizes of objects will be violated. Drawing, simply, will be less than you need, or vice versa, does not fit on a sheet of paper.

Therefore, it is necessary to begin with the outline of the entire group of objects. Make it up with thin and light lines, thus delineating the whole still life. Next, imagine the proportions of all the objects in the still life, their connection and location.You understand that if you are a beginner, then it will be easier to paint a still life with fewer objects, and also to draw from life rather than from the head. Let it be, for example, a saucer and an apple. But, not flowers, a vase with various fruits, and so on. Keep in mind that there is an erroneous opinion: if you copy the outlines of objects, the drawing will also convey their shape. This is not true. Describing the contour, you can absolutely not transfer the form. And, it should be clearly understood. In other words: the line goes around the contour of the object, but in the middle, where there should be a volume, it is completely empty. And that means no need to hurry. All items draw in thin lines. Already then, fill them in with the form and proceed to the details. But, first, you should build all the objects completely, next to each other. Check whether something has "moved out" to the side, is it not worth it, and so on.

Further, all construction lines should be very carefully erased. So carefully, so as not to accidentally erase the texture of the paper. Now, work with paints only. Pick the desired color on the palette, very easily and carefully walk around the entire sheet of paper. Forget about small shcherbinka, some spots, you should not transfer them in your drawing.

How to draw a still life: useful tips

  • Look at your drawing and the nature with which you drew. Squint a little, and you will notice that a lot is being generalized, and only tonal colors are noticeable. They, you should, pass in your picture. This technique is often used by professionals;
  • Working with paint, try to put strokes in the form of objects. Often, go a meter or two, and look at your creation from a distance. So, it is perceived more fully;
  • Do not paint different objects with the same paint (for example: yellow paint yellow teapot, and the same paint, lemon). Mix colors, add shades to the main color;
  • If you paint in watercolor, then start at the top. In advance, prepare the desired tone of paint on the palette. Moreover, start drawing with light, not dark. Excess paint is well removed with a semi-dry brush;
  • Do not be afraid of criticism. Listen to her with dignity.

Do not give up if you did not succeed. After all, how to learn to paint still life? Only practice will help you. The quantity, in this case, greatly affects the quality. Draw a still life, but it will not become a masterpiece.And, here, the tenth, or even, the hundredth will be surely appreciated by everyone around. The more you draw, the better. Do not throw away your unsuccessful works in the trash bin, but put them in a separate folder. After a couple of months, lay them out in front of you and look at your "masterpieces." You will immediately understand what your mistake was before, and, also, you will understand that progress is obvious and this will inspire you. However, you should not stop on the reached. Constantly complicate the tasks and achieve the goal.


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