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How to draw a sea?

Ekaterina Gorbunova
Ekaterina Gorbunova
March 12, 2013
How to draw a sea?

Prepare a sheet of paper and a pencil for drawing and remember that there is nothing difficult in learning how to draw the sea in stages. It is best to choose hard pencils for sketching and soft pencils for tones and shadows.


  • First of all, draw the horizon line. Since the sea will be the main figure, draw a line at a height of three quarters of a sheet. The sky will occupy a smaller part of the image.
  • Now you need to mark the coastline and separate the sea from the land. To do this, from the bottom of the sheet, draw a curved line to the horizon. This will be the coastline.
  • Of course, the shore never looks like a smooth arc. Therefore, along the drawn curve, draw the contour of the waves that beat on the shore. Close to the horizon line, that is, on top of the sheet, draw a few large stones or rocks. So the image will be more realistic. On the horizon line you can also locate several islands or mountains that are visible in the distance.
  • After the outlines are drawn, you can proceed to the study of details. First, draw the foam on the waves.Draw the details of the stones, show the cracks and bends. On the shore, you can paint some plants or crabs crawling along the sand.
  • You learned how to draw a pencil in the sea. Now the drawing needs to be completed. To do this, take a softer pencil and apply shadows and tone. If you want to make color drawing, then take colored pencils or paints. Select the appropriate colors for each element and do not forget the shadows and highlights.
  • After the picture is painted, look at it as a whole, add details that you think are missing. You may want to draw outlines for greater expressiveness. Now you know how to draw a sea with your own hands.

See below for details on how to draw the sea.

How to draw a sea

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