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How to draw a planet?

Nadezhda Manko
Nadezhda Manko
March 12, 2013
How to draw a planet?

Are you fond of drawing and can draw almost everything? But here you are thinking, is it possible to draw a cosmos? Would you like to know how to draw a planet? I think that this is not so difficult. If you think about it, we will notice that the planets are almost round. Therefore, to make the preparation of the planet, it is enough to draw a circle. You can draw it by hand or use a compass.

Draw the planet

You and I live on planet Earth, so why don't we portray her? How to draw a planet Earth? As mentioned earlier, we depict a circle. This will be our planet. Now we will, with the help of a pencil, make sketches, do not forget that we are drawing with thin lines, which can then be easily erased. If you want to achieve greater certainty in your drawing, then take a sample atlas, where you can see how and where the continents on our planet are located. There are only six of them - North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. Eurasia, Try to make their shape as much as possible resemble the original.To make it easier to draw, the circle (planet) can be divided into several parts, each side of which will have its own mainland.

When the sketch of the drawing is ready, remove all unnecessary and circle the necessary lines more noticeably. From the above, you learned how to draw a planet with a pencil. If you want your painted planet to look more vivid, realistic, it is best to decorate it, and with the help of paints. The colors of blue, yellow, brown and green colors will prevail in the drawing. It is also best to use the sample. To make the painted planet not look lonely, on a piece of paper, paint a white background with dark blue paint to create the illusion of the sky, you can create a starry sky.

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