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How to draw a pencil: for beginners?

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How to draw a pencil: for beginners?

You can master the technique of drawing at any age, and a pencil will allow you to easily adjust even finished work. With the advent of experience, you will notice even slight inaccuracies in the image. Before you begin to draw, read the tips described in our article What to draw with a pencil? Tips for beginners. Here you can find instructions describing how to draw flowers in stages: chamomile or rose, as well as other objects.

Preparation for work

As in any business, the success in drawing depends largely on the tools. Of course, you can draw a ballpoint pen on a piece of lined paper, but if your inspiration depends on what surrounds you and what you use, it’s better to think about pencils and album in advance.

Here is a beginner toolkit.

  • pencils of varying degrees of softness;
  • drawing album;
  • pencil sharpener;
  • eraser.

If you plan to master the art of drawing, sketching pictures,make sure that the original is not too complicated, otherwise failure can permanently deprive you of the desire to learn.

How to draw a pencil portrait of a man

In order to portray a person's face full face you need to do the following.

  1. Consider the model (picture with nature), determine the ratio of the height and width of the face.
  2. Use a solid pencil to draw an oval that tapers towards the bottom.
  3. Divide the figure depicted with thin, barely visible vertical lines into five equal parts. In the second and fourth parts will be located the eyes, and in the third nose.Draw with a pencil
  4. Divide the oval in half with a horizontal line. It will be located inner corners of the eyes, but the location of the outer corner depends on the structural features of the face of nature, so it can be both on the line and under it.
  5. Usually the length of the nose is 1.5 times the length of the eye, mark this distance, schematically depicting the tip and wings of the nose.
  6. When a person looks at you directly, the upper edge of the ear is located at the level of the arc of the upper eyelid, and the lower edge is at the level of the tip of the nose. Mark them also sketchy.
  7. Proceed to drawing parts of the face with a hard-soft pencil, using drawn lines as a guide.
  8. Stir hair.
  9. Pay attention to the location of the shadows.Use the simple rule: the closer to an object that casts a shadow, the thicker you need to draw strokes.

This is how a portrait is depicted in stages.

How to draw graffiti pencil

Traditionally, graffiti is the image of letters and exquisite drawings on the walls of houses with the help of spray paints. However, you can draw letters in the technique of graffiti and pencil. The following describes the phased drawing of the letters of the name against the background of the blots:

  1. Draw a smooth arc across the sheet. This will be your benchmark forDraw with a pencilimages of letters.
  2. Draw the letters, adding at the ends, for example, arrows, the letters should be in the perspective of 2D, that is, flat.
  3. Around the letters with a sweeping line draw a blot with jagged, rounded edges. On the side, draw a couple of drops.
  4. Take a soft pencil and carefully shade the letters.
  5. The background should be made lighter, which means that the pencil is pressed less intensively.
  6. To hide the strokes, take a piece of paper and move on the picture.

Graffiti is ready.

How to draw a VAZ 2115 car

  1. Schematically draw a rectangle - this will be the front of the machine.
  2. From the upper corners, draw two lines parallel to each other at an angle of about 30 degrees to the horizontal; they will be drawn later in the hood.
  3. At an angle of 45 degrees, spend a couple more lines, starting from the lines of the hood.Draw with a pencil
  4. Draw the roof in the form of a highly elongated rhombus, this is how it looks in perspective.
  5. After this, make a sketch of the back of the car. As well as a line parallel to the nearest side of the diamond, designate the floor on which the wheels will stand.
  6. Start drawing details. Draw the wheel ovals, headlights, doors and door handles, as well as the windshield wipers.
  7. Circle the lines a few times to make the tone darker. Shade the glass to make the picture believable.

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