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How to draw a leopard?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
March 12, 2013
How to draw a leopard?

Artists love to start their career with creating landscapes and drawings with animals. Do not forget that drawing requires perseverance and patience, especially if you are still learning. Therefore, in the question of how to draw a leopard, also do not hurry. So let's take a look at how to draw a leopard in stages.

  • All pictures always begin with a sketch, so the leopard will begin to draw with a sketch. Suppose our leopard sneaks. In this case, you need to draw three circles for each part of the body (back, torso and head).
  • We join our circles, but it is worth paying attention to the back bend. Do not forget that the part where the head will be located should be made a little oval, as there the muzzle of the leopard will be painted later.
  • Now you need to connect the head and torso. Do not forget that the neck goes into the chest part of the leopard, so the line should be long and up to the front limbs. Try to connect all parts of the body in such a way that it turns out smooth and harmonious.We look at the profile of a leopard, so we see only one side of the animal.
  • Next, draw the lower limbs and proceed to the head. How to draw a face? Draw small ears on the head, the eyes of the leopard are cat-like, narrow, and the nose is wide. The mouth can be portrayed closed.
  • Erase unwanted lines and circle the contour. Go to the color of the leopard, paint the spots on his body. At the end draw a tail.
  • At the very end, erase the extra lines and draw the missing details.
  • Now you know how to draw a leopard with a pencil. The main rule is that the body of a leopard needs to be depicted with smooth lines, because this animal belongs to the cat family, it is very flexible, plastic.

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