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How to draw a dragon with a pencil?

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How to draw a dragon with a pencil?

When there is not enough experience in drawing, it is advisable to use step-by-step instructions. We offer one of such instructions to you. From it you will learn how to draw a dragon with a pencil in stages.

So, we stock up with a clean sheet of paper, a simple pencil and a soft eraser and proceed to drawing.

Create a contour drawing

  1. On a clean sheet draw two circles of approximately the same size. The first is a little smaller. The second one is under it, shifted to the right. This is a blank for the muzzle of a dragon.
  2. Under them, right next to the second circle and almost under the center of the first, we draw a vertical oval - a blank for the body.
  3. The circles are joined by two smooth slightly concave lines.
  4. From the oval to the first circle, we draw two more smooth lines - this is the neck of the dragon, which connects the body with the head.
  5. Outline the tail of the dragon. To this end, to the left of the torso-oval, we draw another smaller circle than the oval, followed by a horizontal oval of even smaller size, followed by a very small horizontally elongated oval.In this case, each subsequent element of the tail sketch should slightly go to the previous one. As a result, in place of the tail we get some kind of caterpillar. The more such elements, the longer the tail will turn out.
  6. We connect these parts with each other with slightly concave smooth lines, drawing the contour of the dragon's tail.
  7. All extra pencil lines inside the outline of the picture are erased with an eraser

Finish drawing

  1. The DragonAt the bottom of the torso on both sides draw hind legs. It can just circles or ovals, and you can draw images of the feet.
  2. Now draw the left front paw. It can be made like a human hand or an animal's paw. The dragon is a mythical creature, so everything is at your discretion.
  3. On the tip of the tail draw an arrow (as the tip of a spear).
  4. On the paws necessarily draw claws.
  5. Now we make the dragon face. Round eyes and eyebrows, large round nostrils. The character of the drawn character will depend on how you make the face of a dragon.
  6. Next, draw the wings - because the dragon flies. What kind of wings to draw - it's up to you too - like a bird, like a bat, or even like a butterfly.
  7. In conclusion, we “plant” sharp thorns along the ridge — we draw pointed triangles along the upper contour of the body and head.
  8. The last detail is fangs.

We hope that now you understand how to draw a dragon in stages with a pencil.


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