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How to draw a bouquet?

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How to draw a bouquet?

In childhood, we draw bouquets of flowers for the holiday of mother or grandmother. But not everyone has this skill. Therefore, in this article we will analyze step by step how to draw a bouquet of flowers with a pencil.

What flowers to draw

Bouquets are made from a wide variety of flowers. And each bouquet can be drawn, the main thing is to practice. The choice of a particular bouquet depends on whom you will draw it. For example, if you draw a bouquet of flowers as a gift to a woman, you can draw a bouquet of roses. Roses can be in any color: white, red or even blue. And you can generally leave the picture blank, in the graph, so to speak.

The same is with other colors. Instead of roses, you can choose a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers or some exotic plants. One way or another, the choice should depend on the situation. In this article we will look at the drawing of the bouquet, which from the point of view of technology is not too difficult to redraw.

Draw a bouquet

Pretty easy to draw a bouquet of tulips. This is due to the fact that both the tulip buds and the leaves do not have any intricate shapes.If you take some other option, you need to know the structure of the flower, so that it turned out as realistic as possible.

  1. We start to draw from the top of the package of our bouquet. This will make it possible to keep proportions and mark the central part of the picture. We begin to draw packaging in the form of an inverted bell.
  2. Over the package draw three buds. One of them can be partially hidden behind another bud.
  3. From the buds draw stalks. They should not be too thin. You can make the stems of two colors intertwining.bouquet
  4. Also, leaves are sticking out of the packaging parallel to the stalks. Leaves draw about the same height as the stem to bud. Two leaves will be enough.
  5. We finish the drawing by drawing the bottom of the package of the bouquet. It can be made in the form of a small "skirt." Between the two parts of the package do not forget to draw a ribbon or just a thin rope. When all parts of the work are completed, once again we will circle the whole drawing along the contour in order to make it expressive.
  6. In order to make the picture more festive, we paint it with paints, colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

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