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How to download a map of Russian roads with cities in 2017

Trying to drive a car at the same time and find a way on the streets of an unfamiliar city, drivers take risks with themselves and the car, which is why maps of Russia with cities and roads are in demand.
You can find similar road maps online, including on free resources.
If you use the navigator, it is better to download the map from the official website of the manufacturer. Just check the settings and instructions in advance, especially when you re-flashing the device again, to avoid having to do everything again, in order to get rid of errors.
If you use other mobile devices, there are a number of sites that allow you to download a fairly detailed map of Russia, as well as various types of road atlases by region (for example, http://www.raster-maps.com).
If you have already installed some version of maps on the device, but you want to make sure that it is relevant and do not remember what version it is, you can use special checking programs like Mapchecker.
You can also download special programs and instructions such as Mapupdater to help update the software on the devices of a particular company (in this case, Garmin).
There are also maps that can be used offline, offline. For example, an interactive map "Cities of Russia", which you can also download for free.
The most popular of the public mobile cards today, apparently, are Yandex cards. True, they can not be downloaded to any device.

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