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How good to go to school?

Quite a lot of schoolchildren care about how to study well in school. Parents are putting pressure on someone, teachers on someone, someone thinks about it himself, realizing that they will soon have to act. It's never too late to start learning, start improving your academic performance right now.

How best to go to school: tips

  • Find purpose and meaning to study well. First, you need to decide why you need to learn better. This is especially true for those who are forced to learn adults. You need a goal that will be important for you: to go where you want, but where there is a big competition; become the best in class, get someone's attention; receive praise and approval from parents; to be respected by teachers, etc. Awareness of this goal should already suggest how to make yourself learn.
  • Write down specific tasks - what you need to do to learn better. Divide this global goal into small ones: “do 4 home tasks in mathematics, write 5 tests in literature, learn to count integral equations,” and so on.The smaller and more specific the task, the easier it is to accomplish it and the easier it is for you to understand how to study at school and what to do for it.
  • Go on all the lessons - in school, absenteeism is very strict. But even if you skip lessons for a good reason, ask classmates what was in the lesson; ask the teacher what you can read on this topic and go through the leaked material yourself.
  • Do not be distracted during the lessons - distracted, you miss important material and comments on it. You can be distracted because of a friend who is sitting next to you and always wants to tell you a fresh joke; on the phone with games, sms, ICQ, or free internet access; player; prefix and much more. Knowing what things distract you, it is better not to take them with you to school, not to get them in class, but to sit away from a friend, if possible, explaining what and why you are doing. If there is nothing interesting around you, nothing that can distract you, perhaps the lesson itself will become interesting to you.
  • Another way to do well in school is to listen to the teacher carefully - listen not only to the rules and objectives, but also what he says about them.Often students focus only on the words “control”, “homework” or “grade for a quarter”, but the teacher is usually well-versed in his material; These little things can go unnoticed, and can be remembered and useful to you on the exam.
  • Ask questions - not all teachers love questions, someone can respond sharply to a request to repeat or explain again. If you do not understand something, try to soften the question, make it clarifying, ask about something specific. To help you, if something is not clear, can not only the teacher, you can ask for help from classmates, a classmate who understands the topic can sometimes tell you better than the teacher, because he will explain with your language, not with terms from the textbook.
  • Perform tasks - do not write them off from others or from reshebnik, decide independently. Homework assignments are given for a reason, their task is to consolidate your knowledge, so it’s best if you complete the assignment on the very day that it was asked.Firstly, it will be easier, because the material has just been passed, and you remember it well, and you know how to decide what. Secondly, you can really fix a new material in memory, and not painfully remember and learn to do everything anew again later. Thirdly, by repeating you develop skills, you “fill your hand”; the more tasks of a certain type you decide, the easier it will be to solve such problems after a while.
  • Structure your time - if the day after school you need to catch the sports section, take language courses, do your homework and meet friends, do your homework first. The number of things that still needs to be done will be spurred on, and you will work faster. Knowing how many things you have, you will not be so lazy.

These tips will help you learn better in school only if you yourself want it. Good luck!


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