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How to distribute boots?

Anna Ivanova
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How to distribute boots?

Everyone, at least once in their life, had a situation where you bought your boots, and they turned out to be too narrow, tough or tight, even if everything seemed perfect in the store. There are two ways out of this situation: handing over shoes to the store or learning how to distribute boots. If you really liked the shoes, then it would be a pity to return them, so we offer several proven ways to distribute winter boots, making them as comfortable and comfortable as possible. There are many ways to distribute shoes, but not all of them are suitable for winter shoes, as there is fur inside. There is still a way out and not one.

Water and cold

The most reliable and proven way to quickly distribute boots is to use water and a freezer. For this method you will need:

  • tight plastic bags
  • water
  • freezer

What to do next:

  • Put the plastic bag on your arm and place it in the boot right up to the sock. Then pour water into the bag and tie the bag tightly over the top.If the boot presses only in the area of the foot - unscrew the tops and fill the water only in the required amount. If the problem with the boot, then pour water into the package will have the entire length.
  • Water-filled boots need to be put in the freezer at night or taken out on the balcony (but only if the temperature is below-zero). According to the laws of physics, water when it freezes will expand and evenly stretch the skin.
  • After the procedure, put the shoes in a warm place and wait until the ice melts. If it seems to you that stretching is not enough, the procedure can be repeated again.


Another simple way to distribute leather boots is to warm them with a hair dryer. Heat the problem area on your shoes with a warm stream of air for half a minute. After that, lubricate the area with a stretch cream and put the boots on a terry sock. After the shoes have cooled down, repeat the procedure in the same sequence a couple more times until the shoes are on time. After heat treatment, be sure to moisturize the skin with cream or castor oil - this will prevent its drying and damage.

Suede boots

  • If you have suede boots, carry them around without any difficulty. It is enough to put wet woolen socks on your feet and walk in shoes for a couple of hours in the apartment.The feeling is not the most pleasant, but the result is not long in coming. It is better to dry zamsh away from the center of heat, otherwise it will shrink again.
  • In the workshops you can be advised a lot about how to carry suede boots, the way with alcohol is also perfect for them. The inside of the boots must be impregnated with an alcohol solution and an hour and a half to walk in the shoes around the apartment.

Do not tolerate the constant pain, corns and calluses appear from uncomfortable shoes. Edema and other unpleasant symptoms can be easily avoided, knowing how to properly carry, that is, stretch your shoes.


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