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How to develop a memory

First of all, it is necessary to train attention and concentration. It has a positive effect onmemory, because a person remembers only what he has carefully studied. You can train attention in many ways, for example, during a walk, count how many buildings with a green roof you have seen or follow the speech of your friend, how many times he said the same word. In addition, attention can be developed through a variety of games, for example, "Find 10 Differences." In such games you concentrate on small details, and your brain gets used to active work in any situation.
Another exercise can help you in developing concentration. Take a comfortable position, and then within 30 minutes try to concentrate on any object. Your main task is not to be distracted and achieve sustained attention. Try not to let the thought jump off the subject more than 3-4 times.
Use different types of memory. In order to improvememory, you must simultaneously use all its varieties. There are three types of memory: motor, auditory and visual. Therefore, if you are trying to learn any text, then try to rewrite it first, pronouncing all the words out loud. This training will involve all types of memory. Daily memorization of 20 sentences will significantly affect the development of memory.
Combine memory training with exercise. When memorizing, we very much load our brain, so this load must be reset, performing a variety of exercises. You will remember the page of the note much faster if you squat or push up.
The biggest impact onmemoryhave workout in the morning and before bed First try to count from one hundred to one, when it becomes very easy for you, go to the alphabet and so on. After a month, you will notice that memorization causes you much less time.

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