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How to determine the year of manufacture of the car?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
April 8, 2013
How to determine the year of manufacture of the car?

When selling a personal vehicle, some car owners resort to deliberately hiding information about the real date of production of the car. However, if you set out to find out the moment when the car was released, you will definitely succeed. The main thing is to arm yourself with the below recommendations on how to determine the year of manufacture of the car and always remember that the release date can be found in the accompanying documents or directly on the vehicle itself. And if this cannot be done, then use any reliable information obtained from the customs authorities at the time of customs clearance.

How to determine the year of manufacture

  • When the vehicle comes from the manufacturer, the year of manufacture should be indicated in the documents accompanying it. This may be different shipping documentation or invoices.
  • The year of manufacture in most cases can be determined by a special VIN-number issued in accordance with international standards. But since in the tenth position of the number the model year of the vehicle is indicated, which may not coincide with the real calendar year and, accordingly, with the year of release, then you can only rely on the VIN data.
  • Understanding how to determine the year of release on VIN is also quite difficult because this international standard is purely indicative, and each car manufacturer determines its own position on it. It also happens that this number does not contain information about the period of issue, or it indicates other positions. In the salon of the regional office of the company that produced your car, you can find out detailed information on the VIN code, just remember: the model year begins on July 1.
  • Sometimes you can determine the year of manufacture by reviewing the chassis, engine, body or gearbox numbers. You can also find release data by looking at the seat belt tags and auto glass (the last two digits of the number).
  • Determine the actual release date of your car will help the study of all the collected data: decoding VIN and information contained in the relevant documents,which were submitted by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Quite often, the production date is indicated on electrical cables and wiring in the engine compartment of any car.

If you still could not find reliable information, you can send an order for examination in the customs laboratories, which will reliably establish the date of issue of the car.


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