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How to delete a page on the site

Alexander Laptev
Alexander Laptev
February 28, 2013
How to delete a page on the site

Many webmasters know that unique content contributes to good website promotion. However, pages with repetitive content may appear on the site. Sites made on free engines are especially susceptible to this. To promote such sites you need to knowhow to delete a page on the sitewhich contains duplicate information. If you take a closer look at the site, you can find several duplicate pages.

Suppose you are writing a news story. This news is displayed on the main page of the site. But automatically it is duplicated in the section of the site and in the categories. If there are tags, it also appears there. Finally, it has its own address or a separate page. Thus, there are several pages with the same content. Therefore, to avoid search engine sanctions, you need to delete such pages or make them invisible. Consider removing duplicates on the popular Wordpress blog engine.

  • In order to close the duplicate pages in Wordpress, you can use special plugins for this engine. The most suitable for this purpose is the “All in one seo pack” plugin. By installing it and setting the corresponding checkboxes in the settings, you can prevent indexes, archives and tags from being indexed by search engines.
  • To close duplicate indexing, you can use the file "robots.txt". Here the main thing is to correctly register everything that needs to be hidden from search robots. That is, again, categories, headings, archives, tags. Anything where you think may contain duplicate pages.
  • There is another useful feature for removing duplicate pages. This is clipping your articles. That is, the full text of your article appears only on the main page, and on the main and other duplicates, only the announcement of 150-200 characters is displayed. In WordPress, this can be done by clicking the “Next” button in a text editor.

That's basically, perhaps, everything, how to remove a page from the search engines and how to hide duplicates. I would like to note that such methods as creating a robots.txt file and applying articles to circumcision can be applied not only to a single Wordpress, but also to other engines, and even self-written sites.


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