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How to deal with psychological pressure?

Psychological pressure is not only unpleasant, but also very dangerous. And so you need to learn how to resist him.

What could be psychological pressure?

To understand the essence of pressure and learn how to resist it, you should consider the main types:

  • Exposure to stress. In stressful situations, a person can not normally and adequately reflect, therefore, easily gives in to pressure. And many manipulators use this and deliberately immerse their opponent in a state of stress.
  • Use feelings of guilt. The manipulator recalls the situation (or several situations) in which you were guilty and wrong and begins to point out that now you have to do everything to smooth your guilt or not get rid of yourself again.
  • The threat of violence. This method is often used by uneducated manipulators, who are used to using physical force instead of intellectual abilities.
  • Persuasion is the most humane and most rational method of psychological pressure, but only intellectually developed manipulators can use it,after all, you need to make a strong case.
  • Compulsion. A manipulator that uses this method must have power, power or influence. In this case, the opponent almost immediately guesses that he is under pressure, so that it will be partly easier to resist.
  • Humiliation is an indication of weaknesses. The manipulator will certainly identify the weak points and shortcomings of the opponent in order to put pressure on them at any opportunity and use them for their own purposes to exert pressure.
  • Care aside. This is a pretty tricky move. A manipulator that runs the risk of being exposed or understands its inconsistency is suddenly abruptly removed and stops all contact with the opponent. And if he is dear to a person who is under pressure, he will want to find out what is the matter and will do everything to return the location. But this is just one of the options for the development of events.
  • Suggestion is a method of psychological pressure, accessible only by a “professional” and skillful manipulator. There are many different techniques that allow you to influence the psyche. It can be intonation, change in voice timbre, certain visual images, the creation of a certain atmosphere and so on.The most difficult method is hypnosis, but they, of course, do not own everything.
  • A massive attack is the connection of several methods at once or even the involvement of outsiders. This method of manipulation is the most effective and most dangerous for someone who is under pressure.

How to protect yourself?

How to resist psychological pressure? A few recommendations:

  1. If you understand that you are under pressure, then inform the manipulator. Say that manipulation does not work for you, and you will still remain in your opinion. This can literally knock him out of the rut and force him to retire.
  2. Always have your own opinion and be sure to learn to defend it. Be sure to find a few good reasons and be ready to bring them immediately and at any time, so that the manipulator will understand that you are a strong person who is not so easy to break.
  3. Expose any arguments cited by the manipulator to all doubts, dispute them. Do not agree with anything, otherwise your opponent will understand that he can convince you.
  4. You need to know all your strengths and be able to use them.This will allow you to effectively resist pressure and show that you are a strong personality.
  5. If you are under pressure at work, then the simplest and at the same time effective your action is the restriction of any contact with the manipulator and the removal from it. Do not communicate with him, do not interact, do not respond to him even obvious attempts at manipulation.
  6. If you understand that you are under psychological pressure, start asking exposing questions to the manipulator, such as “Why do you say this to me?”, “What do you mean?” And so on.
  7. If the manipulator puts pressure on your sense of guilt, then don't give in to that pressure. Understand for yourself that if you give up and do everything you are asked to do, it will not allow you to get rid of the feeling of guilt and redeem it.
  8. If you are threatened, show the manipulator that his threats are completely safe for you.
  9. Try to discourage the manipulator with your positive attitude towards it. Give him a present, invite him for a walk, complain about something. Your opponent will probably feel guilty and stop exerting pressure.
  10. If you are under psychological pressure in the family, then once and for all mark the conditions under which you are ready to continue normal cohabitation, interaction and communication. If this does not work, then put an ultimatum. Yes, it's pretty tough, especially in relation to a loved one, but sometimes it's just impossible otherwise.
  11. Try to place between each other and the manipulator any object, for example, a table, a curbstone, a chair. He will act as a kind of barrier and give you confidence and strength.
  12. You can create not only real, but also mental obstacles. So, imagine that a brick wall is built between you and your opponent, a deep river flows, or a moat is dug.
  13. Help to cope with psychological pressure and certain poses, occupied during a conversation. They must be closed. Hands can be folded on the chest, legs crossed, lower eyes to look as if from a frown. In such positions, a person becomes psychologically invulnerable and well protected.
  14. Learn to relax and soberly think, especially in stressful situations. If necessary, start taking a sedative.
  15. Imagine your opponent in a different form or image, for example, with a pan on his head, naked or dressed in ridiculous clothes. This will allow not to be afraid of him and not to take the pressure from his side seriously.
  16. Try to divert your attention. For example, in the midst of a psychological attack, you can take a phone and start calling someone or start exploring a magazine.
  17. Learn to refuse. Say "No" loudly, clearly, clearly and distinctly, so that your opponent does not have the thought of pressure.

Good luck and patience! And let the tips above help you cope with the pressure.

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